Here Comes the Sun, Little Darlin’

Okay, I’m working on a mid-morning not-so-dark post today.  Wish me luck.

Sunshine is graduating from high school in approximately four months.


I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about it, believe me, I’m sick of hearing me talk about it.  There’s so much.  There’s picking a college and IB testing and the musical and tennis and her performance choir on top of her job.  So just know when you’re sick of hearing me, I’m sick of hearing me too.  That being said, this isn’t going to be a depressing blog so that’s something.

But I get it, she’s overwhelmed.  She’s also told me more than once that I don’t know what high school’s like.  And I try to get all indignant and eye rolly and then I realize, I don’t know what her high school’s like.  Kids these days…  When I was in high school I was involved in nothing, exactly nothing.  I wrote a dark story in 12th grade English.  (I know, inconceivable!)  I turned in said dark story and my English teacher said I needed counseling.  Actually, he didn’t say anything directly to me, he wrote on my paper, “Christy, what’s your problem?  You need counselling or something.”  What I needed was someone to take a little interest in me and tell me I could do more….and probably a little counselling.  That would come much later.

And I’m sure my sister had a much different high school experience than I did because she was in honors classes and the yearbook committee.  Did I tell you I did nothing?  You know what I did, I went out for lunch every day and I socialized the hell out of that place.  I was a snarky clown, so different than I am now. *sarcasm*  I got to school the minute the bell rang, and I sprinted out of there the second the day was over.  I seriously couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  And probably the only reason I graduated, although I never knew there was an alternative, was because I knew I couldn’t get out of there without graduating and did I say I wanted out of there. 

I don’t even remember that much from high school, oh, except the time I threw my books down and turned around to hit this chick who was walking behind me calling me a bitch and I realized she was pregnant.  I figured that was punishment enough.  You know what, I was tortured almost every day of my senior year by girls who used to be my friends.  So, you’re right, Sunshine, I don’t know what your high school was like, but more importantly, I’m thankful a million times that you don’t know what my high school was like.

Dang it, I really tried to get out of this on a happier note.  Let me think of something that won’t break my mother’s heart.  Okay, one day my group of friends and I went to lunch and we were all piled in a Pinto.  There were like seven or eight of us shoved in that Pinto like some kind of clown car.  We decided, because we were all geniuses, that we were going to drive as fast as we could down a residential street and go over this ridiculous dip in the road to see what would happen.  We were idiots.  Oh, did I tell you there was ice on the road?  So the driver picked up speed, we hit that dip and went flying and spinning and stopped just short of a telephone pole.  Yeah, that wasn’t really the story I was looking for, we could have died!!  So yes, I don’t know what your high school’s like, Sunshine, but I’m lucky to be alive.



  1. 1 – You said Pinto
    2 – My friends & thought it would be super smart to drive our two cars side by side on the highway from Tacoma to Seattle around midnight, press play on our Rocky Horror Picture Show cassette tapes at exactly the same time, roll down the windows to blast the music between both cars, and then have two people h o l d h a n d s b e t w e e n t h e t w o c a r s while we drove 60 mph. Our parents all thought we were safely slumbering at each others’ houses. I shiver to think how dead we could have ended up.
    3 – Did your teacher write it in red pen? What a tool. Counseling is fine, but give the girl some honest feedback on her WRITING — there’s plenty of darkness out there, why not write about with some decent feedback?

    • Oh my gosh, Faith, I laughed out loud. How cute were you with your Rocky Horror Picture Show cassette!! And YES! He wrote it in red pen. Whatever. And I was talking about darkness but not like Dexter’s darkness so it could have been worse. He had no idea.

  2. Gma

    Sometimes I’m speechless……………

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