Just Another Morbid Monday

I’m in my after-Christmas blues so bear with me or move along. There’s a reason I don’t normally start regular blogging until like March. I’ve been thinking about my mortality lately. I have a friend from high school who lost her 20ish year old daughter a couple of weeks before Christmas in a car accident and I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. I also lost a friend last June way too early.

Years ago I remember telling my dad that a neighbor of ours growing up had passed away because he had gone to high school with her. And he said, Makes me nervous when people my age start dying. And then he died. Not that same day, but too early for my liking.

And here’s the thing that I can’t stop thinking about…..when my grandma died almost eight years ago, she was surely not on Facebook. Was there a Facebook eight years ago? Okay, she definitely wasn’t on My Space if it was around eight years ago. My dad died almost five years ago, and there was for sure a My Space because that’s when I started blogging, but he certainly didn’t have one. But now, almost everyone is on Facebook and my question is, What happens to your/my Facebook when you/I die?

My Facebook is a diary, it’s a timeline of everything I’ve done for the last four or so years. If I die tomorrow, does it get taken down for non-use after so many months? Do I need to leave my password somewhere so my kids can delete it? Will they want to delete a history of the last four years of my life? And don’t even get me started on the pictures. The only reason I still have a My Space is because of the pictures and the slideshows on there from my dad’s memorial.

Does it make it easier to move on if there’s not a reminder on Facebook? What did people do before Facebook? Look through photo albums? I keep getting a notice that She who passed in June liked a certain place or page. Or people post on her wall that they miss her. I’m certainly not judging anyone’s grieving process and I’m sure it makes them feel better when they’re thinking about her, but it makes me wonder what’s going to happen to my page. Is there a DeathBook where you can just move an active account over so it’s still a record of the person’s life?

So, while doing my in-depth research as I’m wont to do before every blog, I found this post from a Facebook blog: Official FaceBook Blog

There, problem solved. I don’t remember though, did he say anything about what happens to the pictures? I think I’d want my pictures kept so my friends and family could go back through and see how happy I was.



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