Happy New Year, Old Lady!

Where’ve you been?  I’ve been celebrating Christmas like nobody’s business with my mom and sister who surprised us, catching up on Revenge (don’t get me started) and worrying more than I should about health insurance.  Not a good segue, I know.

I lost my health insurance in September 2011 when I lost my job.  The girls were able to get on their dad’s insurance, but that left me sans insurance.  Now, I’m not going to get political and I don’t know if we as Americans have the “right” to health insurance.  I know we have the right to the pursuit of happiness, the freedom of speech and to bear arms, but health insurance is widely debated.  If you’d talk to a certain former conservative paramour, you’d get an earful about how Obamacare is a bad idea, that’s not what I’m after….trust me, I’m seriously not after that debate.  But when you’re working contract work trying to make ends meet, universal healthcare sounds like a really good idea.  And I have to tell you, I was never so interested in healthcare until I lost mine.

I used to have an insurance I’ll call Czar Constant (CC).  I loved it.  It was in a clinic setting and if you needed an X-ray, you went downstairs.  If you needed blood drawn, it was to the left.  If you wanted your eyes checked, you get the point.  I had CC insurance through all three pregnancies and they were amazing to me.  I haven’t had anything major wrong with me, thankfully, but I had nothing but good experiences with them.

With that background, I know there are some people who don’t like CC as their insurance.  In fact, I was in a Walgreens/CVS/Eckerds pharmacy type establishment and the cashier working behind the counter told this older lady, “I’d rather have no insurance than Czar Constant.”  And as I stood there with no insurance, I SHOULD have told that cashier off, but I didn’t.  I went home and stewed about it and then three months later decided to tell you about it.  That’s what I do.  I’m not a very fast acting.

So this last October, Yay, I got insurance again, but it’s no Czar Constant.  I don’t even have a doctor yet because I can’t get over the fact that everyone is so limited.  If I need an X-ray like I did this last weekend, I have to go to an Urgent Care because the doctors my insurance recommends don’t have a facility like CC does.

Back to this last weekend.  I woke up on Saturday and my leg wouldn’t straighten.  Like it was bent at around 45 degrees and wouldn’t go any farther without incredible pain.  I iced and heated and Percocetted and rested and nothing helped.  Then Sunday when I still couldn’t straighten it, I went to Urgent Care.  Awwww, Urgent Care….if you haven’t had the pleasure, you’ll never understand.  Three hours later, an X-ray, and a pushy nurse, and it was discovered that my knee has been under attack by the Itis brothers, Arthur and Tendon.  (!@#*%^#*%*!#*%^#*%*#^%”>!@#*%^#*%*!#*%^#*%*#^%*#*!!!)

What am I , 100???  No, I’m just barely 41.5 and I have arthritis in my knee??  Thanks, genetics.  Then I have tendonitis under my knee cap causing it to not straighten.  Thanks to muscle relaxers and Advil, I’m back in business, but left with the knowledge that I’m always going to have arthritis in my knee(s).  What’s that future going to look like?  Knee replacements at 50?  No, thank you.

So this is where I put the resolution about taking better care of myself.  Ugh, but isn’t that what I say every year?  I mean, when is the year where I actually do take better care of myself?  Every year I say I’m going to be more healthy, but this year has to be the year.  I don’t want to be nursing my trick knee and predicting the weather for the next 40 years, God willing I get another 40 years.  So, let’s get moving, suckers.



  1. Oh i SOOOOO wish I lived closer! I could be your personal trainer and your personal chef. I looooove to push myself on people I love that way…I’m kinda, sorta, a little bit passionate about health and fitness!!

    If you want me to figure out a way to do it from 600 miles away, I can totally make it work. Push, push, push. sorry. can’t stop myself.

    • Why don’t you live here? Life Church, Denver, anyone?

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