For the love of all that’s holy, Read My Blog!

I usually take Tenderheart and a friend to swimming and they bring her home, but tonight I’m watching her swim and it’s an hour and a half of warm humidity and quiet except for her coach yelling. He’s a yeller and I’m for it. I don’t think she gets yelled at enough.

So thanks to stolen borrowed Internet, I’m going to try and do a Friday photo blog completely on my iPad. I don’t know what kind of pictures I’m going to end up with though because Moonshine takes a lot of pictures herself on here.

First, this is what my stepmom sent us today and it was delightful.

To reiterate from my blog from last week, I love my stepmom and I felt much better when I got that blog out, which seems to be the norm.

I have a problem with organized sports, but it’s not so much the sports as it is the parents. They’re too emotional and crazy. I’m completely non confrontational but yesterday at Tenderheart’s volleyball game was the closest I’ve ever come to wanting to get in a fight. Apparently there’s been some drama on her all girls volleyball team (shocking) and this woman, who thinks her daughter’s an angel and couldn’t possibly be involved, called another little girl an effing moron. What’s wrong with people? Her daughter, Devil Spawn, spiked the ball in a girl’s face, broke her glasses and cut her face then laughed and walked off. It was in front of the whole class and DS’s mother couldn’t believe people told on her. She was actually cheering when the girls involved messed up. And when anyone else made a mistake, except her daughter, she threw up her hands in disgust. No wonder your kid’s a bitch. Look in the mirror.

Tenderheart just got moved up in swimming. This was her second year on the middle school team and her first year on the school district’s competitive team. She’s trying to do volleyball and swimming at the same time but it’s a lot. She just walked over to me crying to see if she could move back down a level because she can’t keep up. I started laughing to keep from crying and told her to go get back in the pool. It’s only her second day but she expects too much of herself.

And here’s my point about sports. First of all, I don’t tell my kids this, but I don’t want them responsible for anything and I can’t even imagine if I had a boy because I don’t want a pitcher, a goalie, a quarterback, you get the point. This has been ever since Moonshine played goalie for her soccer team and one of the dad’s yelled, For the love of all that’s holy, use your hands! She was five and had a terrible coach that didn’t tell her she could use her hands. Parents put so much pressure on their kids to be the next great thing that its hard for them to breathe.

I’m going to throw in a picture now just to keep up the pretense.
Making hair accessories is not a team sport.

Also, when it comes to sports…….and let me just clarify, none of my kids are going to the Olympics but if it keeps them involved and off the streets, I’m for it. And I forgot my train of thought.

Sunshine’s at a thespian convention this weekend or as I called it, geek palooza. That’s her thing, she loves it and there are going to be 40 colleges there looking at people to give scholarships to. Why can’t it be Sunshine? Some people aren’t even auditioning, but there’s nothing to lose if you do. She’s been accepted to two colleges but her dream is University of Maryland. If you know where I live, that’s really far, but I’m not a dreamcrusher and if she’s determined and can figure out a way to pay for it, I’m as supportive as can be.

Okay, last picture to prove I have three children and one of them is not imaginary.


And I know this has been my lamest Friday photo blog ever, but you get what you pay for.



  1. Gma

    Miss you all, less than two weeks!!! Love the pics!!

  2. Heidi

    I love that your girls will all (as in, at the same time, WITHOUT KILLING EACH OTHER) sit still for a group pic. I think the last one I have of my 2, they were in 4th grade and Kindergarden!! lol

  3. Heidi

    They are “post high school” and 9th grade now, btw.

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