Day Two of my Week o’ Thankfulness

Day two of my week o’ counting my blessings, in no particular order, falls to Moonshine.

Moonshine is the most like me, which is why we butt heads the most. She’s moody and cuddly and awesome and amazing. She’s the most helpful around the house and without being asked will do the most.

HOWEVER, remind me to tell you next week how I think I would be 87.5% less stressed if people would just pick up after themselves. It’s a scientific fact, y’all.

Moonshine had her first heartbreak this year.

She had a beau for about six months and I really liked him. He seemed nice and hung out here quite a bit and seemed like a good kid. I apparently have TERRIBLE judgement when it comes to the male species. And SIDE NOTE: I have a picture of him sleeping because he went with us to watch Moonshine swim, not because I’m a creeper.

Anyway, so Adam broke up with Moonshine because either his mom made him because his grades were bad OR he just said that and really wanted a “break” to go out with someone else? It was the latter and no more Adam. My grocery bill has gone down though because I’m not feeding him anymore and Moonshine moved on and is “dating” a boy that goes to her school now. She’s me as a boy crazy teen only pretty. I’m in trouble.

Moonshine is also my animal lover.  At one point I thought she was going to be a vet until our dog died and she realized she didn’t want to deal with all that.  She’s the reason we have Molly because she wanted to spend the money I was going to spend on her birthday party on a rescue puppy.  And also “rescued” our new kitten Bella from a kitten foster home.  And now they’re the two best friends that anyone can have.

I’m thankful every day that Moonshine and I are working through our problems and communicating better. For my new reader, she had a monkey’s trait of lying and that’s gotten so much better. She’s cuddly and warm and has an amazing heart and spirit.

Moonshine gets you drunk shines really bright.


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  1. Gma

    Omg she was and is a beauty. TROUBLE

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