Day One of my Week o’ Thankfulness

This week of Thanksgiving I’m going to dedicate a blog each day this week to what I’m thankful for.

In no particular order, I’m thankful for Sunshine.

Sunshine’s baby picture

This is the baby picture I wanted to put in the yearbook for Sunshine. She said it was humiliating so I changed it to something more respectable but I love this picture and think she’s adorable.

This is what Sunshine wrote about me in the program for the play.

If I was a better Christian I wouldn’t have asked the monkey what he thought about the program, but I’m not and I did. If it wasn’t the week of Giving Thanks, I’d give you a whole week of blogs on that dbag. Just know that’s coming.

Sunshine is different, she’s quirky, she hasn’t come into her own yet. She spends a lot of time on Tumblr. She makes a lot of movie references that no one gets (except me, of course). I can completely relate. I did the same thing. There was only one person in my high school who would get my movie references and understand my love of Swatch watches.

Sunshine does have a friend who shares her love of ugly sweaters.


I keep telling Sunshine that people will get her in college. There will be a bigger selection of people and she’ll have a better chance to fit in. More clubs, more diversity, more options for quirky people. And quirky is coming back into fashion, just ask Zooey Deschanel, she’s so quirky. Oh, and we make a lot of Saturday Night Live references too.


She’s so quirky

So day one of week o’ Thanks, I’m thankful for Sunshine. Sunshine keeps you warm.


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  1. Gma

    I do love sunshine. It (she) rejuvenates my whole being!

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