Hasn’t Dawn Already Broken Once?

I’ve moved my witty Wednesday blog to Friday this week because I have so much built up from this week’s failed wordless Wednesday blog.

This is my retro picture of the week.

Pin Pals get it?

When Sunshine was about four or five she and a friend were in a beanie baby bowling league. Every week they got a beanie baby. If I would have been smarter I would have kept the tags on and sold them at the height of popularity. I’m always a day late and a dollar short.

Second retro picture of the week.

Four wheeling with a random dog.

This was one of my favorite days. We were in Oklahoma at my mom’s friend’s house and we were out four-wheeling all day in their cow pasture and pecan orchard. Just the look of sheer joy on their faces makes me happy. It was probably because of the dog, they loved that dog.

I went out tonight with my best friend Anna for a much-needed night out. It was a great dinner and conversation with an amazing friend

Here we are after seeing New Moon a couple of years ago.

I went to parent/teacher conferences this afternoon to meet with Sunshine’s English teacher regarding her progress report. Sunshine’s getting a D in English, her native language and getting an A in Spanish, not her native language. It’s a topsy-turvy world. Her English teacher explained that the D was just a “placeholder” for her real grade to which I thought, couldn’t the placeholder be an A then?

Then I went to see Moonshine’s math teacher because Moonshine has a C in math, which isn’t acceptable. I’m getting ready to tie some of this together. So I’m sitting in Moonshine’s math teacher’s room and Moonshine says she’s going to make up her math test Friday afternoon and her math teacher said that wasn’t going to work. She said she doesn’t stay late on Fridays because she has a life and, “Don’t you know what comes out tomorrow!?!?” I jokingly said, Breaking Dawn part 2? and her teacher yelled, “Yes! And I already have my tickets!!!”

Then instead of talking at all about Moonshine’s math problem (get it? problem) we talked the entire conference about Twilight. Now, I’m kind of a closet Twilight fan and although I wasn’t thrilled with BDp1, I’m going to see it through and we’ll see part 2 as our Thanksgiving movie, but this chick who was older than me BTW was a super-fan.

She said the only reason she was at school today was because of the conferences and if she had it her way she’d be with the rest of her friends at the Twilight Marathon where some theater showed all four movies before the midnight premiere. That’s dedication, my friend.

Then I saw part of a documentary today about the Beatles and the fandom they had to deal with. And earlier this week I saw One Direction on the Today show and girls were crying as they were singing. Crying. I don’t understand that kind of devotion to a thing or a group, it’s fascinating. I would never camp out to see anything, not even in the height of the Garth Brooks craze. I can’t imagine anything that important. What have you got? Anything you’d care enough to camp out to see?

And for my friend MB who said I was starting to look like a cat lady, here’s our new kitten, Bella, who likes to play Rock Band. What of it? That doesn’t make me a cat lady, old friend, I’m only up to two and that’s my limit.




  1. MB


  2. carikelley

    WOw, you did have a lot of words built up. No more wordless posts for you–you are right, you weren’t made for that.
    Have fun at BD2!

  3. carikelley

    btw, I like all of your dog and cat pictures. I’m living vicariously through you–my dogs are not nearly as “cute” or “pleasant”.

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