Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

I did not enjoy Wordless Wednesday. In fact, I hated it so much I wanted to go back and caption all those pictures with something witty and redo that for my Thursday blog. I didn’t though because I’m not a psycho, but just don’t expect there to be a second weekly wordless Wednesday blog. I wasn’t built for a wordless blog.

Sunshine in Much Ado About Nothing

Sunshine got a job this summer. Sunshine loved her job. And then there was some controversial remarks made by the CEO that Sunshine didn’t agree with and she debated on keeping said job or not. I really went back and forth with her because on one hand she was afraid working there would make people think she agreed with the CEO’s comments, but on the other hand Sunshine needs a J-O-B. And the store manager doesn’t appear to agree with the CEO’s statements and hires a lot of diversity so Sunshine really likes her.

She thought about quitting and getting another job for Christmas, but no one is going to work with her schedule and have Sundays off (too specific?). So she’s hanging in there. And the controversy has died down and she only works Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, don’t hurt yourself.

And just five minutes ago I said a lot of other really nice stuff and then freakin’ WordPress lost it so it’s just gone because once it’s out of my head, it’s gone FOREVER. And now I’m irritated and I don’t want to blog. I said something about how glad I was there wasn’t another play this year because Sunshine has been working on homework every night for four to five hours. I said something about the theatre department being a disappointment this year and I was sad for that, but glad she’s had time for other things like college applications and scholarships.

I also said some really good things about how she said she’s excited about college and really wants to make a difference in the world and how glad I’m going to be when this college stuff is decided and she can focus on the musical and tennis in the spring.

With only one play this year, Sunshine has more time for important stuff

Ugh, I hate WordPress because damn it, that was probably the best blog I’ve ever written. I said the cap and gown have been ordered along with the announcements and party invitations so it’s becoming more and more real that she’s going to graduate this year and be done with high school. Then I said I’m proud of her for wanting to make a difference and excited to see what’s in store for her except I said it way better than I just did, trust me.

And now I’m breaking up with you, WordPress, but just for tonight.


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