A Little Moonshine Mania

I’m better today or I will be. I’m going to tell you a story about Moonshine.

Moonshine has had a hard time adjusting to high school. Her boyfriend was going to a different school, they moved the musical to the spring so she didn’t have an opportunity to get involved in theater, and she got strep during volleyball try outs and missed out on that.

Then she broke her foot in a “friendly” game of flag football and had to wear a boot.

She was just sort of floating along and her grades were not great. We had made a deal at the beginning of the school year that if she got “good grades” this quarter I would let her get her nose pierced. Other than something permanent like a tattoo, I’m not really particular about something that can be changed or removed like piercings or hair color. I pick my battles within reason. You’re not getting a tongue or lip piercing because I paid way too much for that orthodontia. And as for a tattoo, when you’re 18 and can pay for it yourself, it’s all on you at that point.

Now, I realized after her first report card that I should have specified how good her grades needed to be because she just got by when every one of her teachers said she’s a better student, but there were no Cs, so we made our way to our friendly neighborhood tattoo/piercing place.
This was encouraging. And actually the guy could not have been nicer. I wish we would have gotten his picture.

So first this happened:
He marked the area and got it cleaned up. I cringed.

Then, he put in a “placeholder” that was like a huge nail coming out her nose.

Next, he switched the giant nail out for a small stud.

And voilà, cute little nose piercing.

This is when she almost passed out and I had to stop taking pictures. And I have a nervous thing I do when I feel like crying in public, I start laughing so I’m sure Josh at the Bonaroo Tattoo thought I was a moron because I couldn’t stop laughing as my daughter is lying on the table almost passed out. It was low blood sugar and adrenaline and she was fine, but I’m sure he was happy to see us go.


1 Comment

  1. carikelley

    I call that inappropriate laughing my “defense mechanism”, then people feel for you instead of judging you. haha!
    Thanks for telling the story in pictures, she’s so beautiful!

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