Most wonderful time of the year?

I’ve been really sad this week. Just sort of blue, in a funk. First, this happened.

20121110-120004.jpg and it’s not cheap to graduate. But the point is that it’s coming so fast. Way too fast for me. Sunshine filled out her first college application last weekend after I told her I’d be just fine if she wanted to stay here and go to community college. That was the catalyst she needed to start filling out applications for colleges away from here.

Then, Tenderheart and I saw a deer get hit by a car and drag itself across three lanes of traffic going the other way to get to the woods. I made Tenderheart close her eyes and then told her that he was fine, but he wasn’t. And don’t get me wrong, Bambi’s mother makes a tasty meatloaf, but the suffering that poor deer was facing as he went off into the woods broke my heart. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day.

And what my problem comes down to is I miss my dad. My dad should be here for all this graduation stuff. He said before he died that he regretted not being able to see them graduate and now here we are. It just makes me sad. And maybe it’s the time of year. The holidays always make me a little sad and lonely.


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