Just do it! And by IT, I mean VOTE!

When I hear people say, “I’m not voting because my vote doesn’t matter”, I get infuriated! Your vote doesn’t matter? Do you think that’s what people who live in countries where they can’t vote are thinking? No, they’re thinking, I wish I could vote. I don’t understand why we don’t have 100% participation in this country, but I can also see how people get discouraged when hearing more about the Electoral College. Why doesn’t the person who wins the popular vote automatically become President? I’d do more research on the Electoral College for you, but I have no trouble sleeping at night, thanks.

I used to be married to someone I affectionately call “the monkey”. As in monkeys could do a better job raising children. He’s probably never voted in his whole life. I never understood it. He never thought his vote counted, but living in a swing state, I know my vote counts and it’s more important than ever.

This weekend at church the message was about loving your neighbor, even if your neighbor doesn’t agree with you. If you are my Facebook friend, you know how done I am with this election season. Next time I’ll either stay off Facebook, or block the offenders. I did actually have to unfriend someone because he said something so offensive that I realized we would never even be faux friends. I feel like this is the first real election that Facebook has really bothered me.

Back to voting. I was at the DMV last week and there was a sign that advertised early voting. I didn’t realize you could vote early. I had applied for an absentee ballot and had it in my living room, but there’s something really cool about going down and casting my ballot. It’s like it really counts in realtime, and it does. We pulled the number at the DMV and I knew I had time because those folks were in no hurry to get anyone out of there so I walked over and voted. The senior citizens working the center were so nice and seemed to be really excited I was there. And I got to show Sunshine, who can’t vote until next year, that it is important to vote. It’s important to be a part of society. It’s important to do your part. And it’s important to have a voice.



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  1. carikelley

    I often vote out of obligation (unlike my husband who can’t sleep the night before because he’s so excited about the “opportunity”!). I know that if everyone didn’t vote because they thought their vote didn’t count, then no one would vote and that would be bad, so, I vote. But sometimes I don’t think it really matters–at least in my state.

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