Politics and Religion

Remember when it was impolite to talk about religion and politics in public? That was pre-Facebook.

Tenderheart comes home repeating the most ridiculous stories of how 7th graders discuss politics at the lunch table. For instance, Did you hear Barack Obama lost the debate and now has to talk for four more hours? Huh?

Or, So-and-so says they’re for abortion to which I said, No one is FOR abortion, they are for a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body.

I’m not political at all so I’m not giving my opinion, but more importantly, I don’t want yours. I feel like everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, isn’t our freedom what countless soldier have died for? What I don’t enjoy is the aggressive supporter that thinks everyone should agree with them.

Sunshine came to me a few weeks ago and asked for a non-biased news organization so she could understand the process more and the issues because she wants to be more involved, and I couldn’t come up with one. I know where I get my news but some “reliable” news organizations just seem to make it up to suit their cause.

And don’t even get me started on the he said, he said of the debates. Does anyone really know the truth about anything? Mulder and Scully said the truth is out there but when you have two sides spouting completely different “facts”, who’s to say? Maybe David Duchovny would like to come and have a private political conversation with me.

So here it is, my one and only political post but I just have to say I’m not going to miss the phone calls, the extra mail, the Facebook posts. Yes, go back to showing me pictures of your dinner and your vacation that I’m probably coveting.

And in the spirit of Fall and almost election day, check out this amazing tree.



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