Fantastic Fall Updates

To the crack whore neighbor who got a puppy, Why?  That’s all, just why? You scream at your kids and cause scenes in the street, you don’t need a puppy.  And I’m just saying now, if that puppy gets through one of the holes in my fence, possession is nine-tenths of the law.

I love blogging.  I miss blogging.  When I don’t blog and people (or person) send me an e-mail checking to see how I’m doing, I send back two paragraphs on four pages of how well I’m doing.

You’ve really missed a lot.  Monkey stories, Fall TV shows, Sushine’s play, Homecoming, Moonshine breaking her foot, Sunshine’s senior pictures, Tenderheart did some things, working full time, yeah, really not much.

If you’re new to my blog, you don’t know how much I love the Fall.  Besides the tree directly across the street that I always forget to take a picture of, this is my favorite tree in the neighborhood.Here’s another one of it.

It’s just so small and pretty and it feels to me like the little engine that could.  I’ve gotten weird about trees and the changing colors.  I’m fascinated by it.  Every year I see a new color.  And while I don’t enjoy raking the leaves, I really enjoy watching the process every year.

And how could I end my blog without Molly.So what you have to look forward this week are pictures of Sunshine’s play.  She’s Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing and it’s her senior year so I’m trying to take it all in and share it.  I’m sure one day I’ll stop being annoying with all the oversharing, but for now, you have that to look forward to.





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