Friday Photo Blog for August 24th

For my new reader, Friday is my photo blog, and I am a creature of habit.

In honor of my beautiful mother’s day O’ birth, I’ve dedicated the retro picture(s) of the week to her. 

In fact it may all be dedicated to my mother who turns 69 today, making Sunshine say she’s going to laugh about that this whole year.  Makes me wonder where she learns stuff like that. I’m going with public school and not her mother (me).

Judging by the look on my sister’s face in this next picture, the worst thing my mother had done up until this point was bring me home.My mother was a strong single mom raised by a strong single mom, and because of her work ethic and sense of fun, to this day when I hear ABBA, I feel like I need to start cleaning something.
Here she is a short 17 years ago still with brown hair and her first grandchild.

And while the monkey’s parents can’t drive across town to see their grandchildren, my mother will drive 11 hours just for the weekend.

She’ll also stand for hours and fight crowds to see Tenderheart, who’s so far away she looks like an ant, sing in Colorado Springs.

Sometimes when we leave the house, we’re wearing the same thing.  Don’t be jealous.

She’s the only one I know who was willing to take her grandkids for the whole summer.

And here she is with her girls Christmas 2011.

The youngest is now taller than her.

So to my mom, Happy 69th Birthday! 

And here’s to many, many more.  I love you!


1 Comment

  1. Betty VanNoy

    You never cease to amaze me, and I always cry! Sentimental.

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