Update the Website, Save my Sanity

For my new reader, this is Monkey Bashing Thursday, but I might be turning over a new leaf. It’s certainly NOT because I’ve run out of material.

Would you like to know what my pet peeve is? Companies that don’t update their website. It’s 2012, y’all, it’s not like you have to be downstairs in your mother’s basement writing code anymore. Now, you may still live in your mother’s basement, but that’s on you because they’ve made updating a website pretty easy nowadays.

I’m not going to be too specific but I do business with a company and have been asking for over a year for a workable, updated website. I even spoke to the president last year and offered my services because I used to update a website at my old job and I’m pretty smart, you know.

So I got a new contact name, I’ll call him Bingo even though that’s not his name-O, and I e-mailed him to see if I could help with the website because it’s been “Under Construction” for over a year. Well, bingo, bango, they gave me the website to update. Be careful what you wish for. The first thing Sunshine said was, “You’d better not eff it up.” This is where my anxiety started.

Now, it’s a volunteer position, read no pay, but I’m very passionate about having a workable, accurate website. And hundreds of people visit this site every day so I can’t be the only one, right?

Here’s the problem, I tend to say things and then work them out later. Like, Of course I can update your website. Oh, it’s WordPress, I’m on WordPress, easy-peasy. However, it was not as easy or peasy as I thought it was going to be and I’ve been kind of busy with my full time job and all. And it wasn’t rocket science, it was just adding a couple of tabs and putting in content but I was having trouble figuring out those stupid tabs.

Today before Tenderheart’s swim meet I was able to sit down with it and holy cats, I figured it out. This is what I looked like:

I turned into Hiro from Heroes and even did a little Woo-hoo. And now, that website is going to win awards for being so updated. Okay, that’s a little much, probably, but at least I’m going to know what’s going on.

So, this is my life, I’m walking on sunshine out the door because I’m feeling really smart and I look down and see that I’m wearing the pants I spilled fettucini alfredo on yesterday. Yeah, right back down to earth and the realization that I’m a mess…..who can update websites (for free).


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