As Seen on TV?? Yes, please.

Unfortunately, this is not a paid review.

Do you ever wonder, Who buys that stuff?  Yeah, it’s me.

You know what I shouldn’t do?  Go online after 10:00 pm MST.  You know why?  Because I start to think I could Zumba or that the girls need Trendy Tops or that the only thing my house needs is a Magic Mesh.  A Magic Mesh, you say?  Yes, I do.  I’m sure you’ve seen it, it’s a screen door that you affix to your back door in place of a real screen door.  That way when you’re having parties, which I’m totally wont to do, then you don’t have to use your hands when opening the screen door because that would be way too much work.

Let me start with this, on the last day the people before me were in this house, their dog broke the screen door to the back yard.  I was able to fix it, but then my dog broke it.  So we haven’t had a screen door and I could tell you stories of Sunshine screaming that there was a moth in the house from us just leaving the back door open to get a breeze.  So see, I really did need a Magic Mesh.  When I bought it, you could only get it online, of course, now, you can get it at Walgreens and everywhere else for a STEAL.  Hindsight and all….

Magic Mesh.  The other good thing that’s advertised about the Magic Mesh is that your pets can just go in and out to their little heart’s desire because there are super industrial magnets down the middle of it and our dog is super smart so she picked it up right away.  So, let me get this straight, I get a nice spring/fall breeze AND I don’t have to get up every time the dog wants to go out?  SCORE!

One late night in, let’s call it April, I order the Magic Mesh online.  First of all, there are so many options and you can’t just buy one, you have to get the other one “free”, small print (pay additional shipping and handling).  And for just $5 more, you can get the heavier screen, hence, a much better product.  I went for the regular screen and got two, yadda, yadda, yadda.

What I remember about the installation is that Sunshine was irritated.  If I waited to do things when Sunshine was not irritated, nothing would ever get done.  I told her this last weekend that I wouldn’t wake her for the yard work because I know it’s not her favorite thing and she said, “Doing nothing is my favorite thing”.  Needless to say, she did not help with the yard work.  She’s really just biding her time until she’s out of here and off to college.

Anyway, back to installation.  Everything went up fine and looked good and worked perfectly, for about a day and a half.  But for that long day and a half, it was beautiful.  The breeze was blowing, the dog and cat were coming and going as they pleased and it was heaven.  Then the adhesive started falling and the magnets stopped holding it together in the breeze.  The moths started coming in because the sides weren’t fastened.  Oh, it’s still up, but we don’t just leave the back door open anymore and let me tell you why…

Here’s the part they don’t show you in their infomercial.  It’s great if your pets come and go as they please, unless your cat wants to bring in a live mouse to play with and then lose it somewhere in your house.  Then you have around four days of sleeping with the light on until you finally catch that sucker, the air conditioner comes on, and then no more Magic Mesh.  Except for that stupid cat, I loved it.  I was going to duct taping it but Moonshine said that would make us look trashy.  Yeah, that would definitely be the straw.  To me, it wasn’t worth anywhere near the money I paid, but you could get it on clearance at Walmart if you didn’t have a cat bringing in playmates.

And here’s a picture of ours four short months later.  But don’t forget, I have that extra one I got for “free” so as soon as that cat runs away, the new one is going up!


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