Look who may or may not be back

You know what I hate? People who don’t update their blogs anymore. They just disappear off the face of the earth and you don’t know, alive, dead, blocked, what’s going on with people who do that? Well, let me tell you. I have no idea. Though I have all this self-loathing for not updating my blog in a million years, by popular demand, I’m back, baby. Yeah, I said “popular demand”, which I use in the loosest possible translation.

Okay, so I don’t know if I’m BACK, but I’m blogging. I’ve had a crazy summer. I shipped Moonshine and Tenderheart off to their gma’s in Oklahoma and my Summer O’ Love actually turned into a Summer O’ Sunshine as we spent every waking hour together until she amazingly got a J-O-B.

If you remember when I used to blog, I said Sunshine had to get a job in order to stay here this summer, and BAM, she got one. And she worked like crazy right up until school started and she had to cut back. I don’t necessarily want her to work during her senior year because I want her to have fun and not get behind in her school work. I want her to be involved and not be consumed with work. She, however, wants to go to England and Ireland next summer so a job during the school year is to be had. At least until the play starts and her choir performances (think Glee without the dance moves).

So yes, Sunshine is a Senior, Moonshine is a Freshman, and Tenderheart is a 7th grader. There, you’re all caught up on my life. My job went full-time six weeks after I started part-time when they told me it would take at least year. It seems I’m better than my old boss thought. Who knew? Me, I knew.

I have a million things to blog about, so you have that to look forward to…..or not.


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  1. Whitney

    Hey lady!! Nice to see you might be back!! I always enjoy your blogs. Congrats on the job going full time. YEAH!!! It sounds like things are going well for you! I’m so happy for you!!!!

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