Tenderheart and Buford Hogging the Friday Photo Blog

We go to church on Saturday nights.  I say it’s easier to get teens going at 6:00 on Saturday night than 10:00 Sunday morning, but it’s really for me too.  I like sleeping in.  I love going to church, but I really like sleeping in.  So Saturday night service works for us.  Sometimes it’s after a rough Saturday like the girls have been bickering or I’ve had to take their phones away and I end up just standing there during the worship songs just letting it wash over me.  Just enveloping me in grace and forgiveness and hope.  Clinging to that gets me through every week.  When I don’t go, I feel out of sorts.  Now, of course I get a lot from the message, but those songs at the beginning really keep my sanity.

It’s been so long since I’ve done a photo Friday that I almost forgot what I was supposed to do.

In honor of Tenderheart’s 12th birthday this week, she not only got her own post, but she gets the retro picture of the week. 

How cute is that face!  The correct answer is, very.

For Tenderheart’s birthday, we went to see Wicked.  You can read HERE about the first time we saw it in October 2009.  It was just as amazing as I remember and maybe even a little more as the girl who played Glinda was the best I’ve seen.  Don’t get all, What about Kristin Chenoweth?  Obviously, she’s the queen, literally.  But this one that we saw was amazing and gave her own little mannerisms to the character and was incredibly funny.

If you’re my FB friend then you know part of this story, but right before the lights went down for Wicked to start, I leaned over to Tenderheart and hugged her and said, “Thank you for having a birthday. ” And she leaned back and said, “Thank you for having S-E-X.”  And yes, she spelled out S-E-X.  I almost died.  See post before this one regarding things Tenderheart says…

Here are the girls after dinner but before the show.

Sunshine is almost unbearable.  They asked the top 50 Juniors (she’s 27th) to help with the graduation ceremony this weekend.  It involves them wearing a white robe and doing things like walking the Seniors to the stage or serving cake at a reception.  And it’s like a four-day commitment.  She’s just so tired with it being the end of the year that she’s really hard to be around.  I know why they have them help with the ceremony, 1) they need the help, and 2) they want to get them excited about graduating next year.  As my friend Heather (holla!)’s husband Mark said this week, they should get the bottom 50 to help and get them excited about graduation next year.  To which I said, true dat!

Speaking of Sunshine.  Here she is with Buford.

She said, hugging; I said, strangling.

I could make an all Buford Friday Photo Post, but I’m not going to.  Here’s Buford after a long night of catting around.  I’m going to keep using that joke until someone tells me to stop, thus confirming that real people read my blog and not just spam.

That Looks Uncomfortable

Here’s Tenderheart with her Buford pic.You have no idea how many times I say, Please put that cat down.  Or, Please let that cat out.

Here’s Tenderheart and Moonshine before leaving for Wicked.  I would have Sunshine in this pic too, but she was too busy texting everyone what a nightmare I was in not letting her take her cell phone with us to dinner or the show.  Yay!Oh, here’s Sunshine and Tenderheart at TGIFridays on a Wednesday.

And here’s Molly standing guard in my makeshift living room office/couch where I work three times a week.  It’s really comfy, y’all.And here is Tenderheart blowing out her candles on her birthday cake and saying goodbye to 11.  What’s my motto?  Getting through six more years with laughter.I actually do have a pretty good story to tell you about Mother’s Day weekend including my review of The Avengers.  Hopefully you’ll be able to wait.  And if you’re wondering, like I know you are, yes, I cried during Defying Gravity again.  That scene is just so moving.  If you haven’t seen Wicked, you totally should.


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  1. carikelley

    Catting around!! Hahahaahhhahhahhhaha, good one!
    Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

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