It’s Glass Half Full Day

After approximately 14 weeks of blogging every day, I think I’m done.  Not done blogging, but probably done with blogging every day.  It’s exhausting, y’all.  And if only I’d been working out every day instead of blogging, I’d probably be a lot happier with myself.  And now I have a job, which means I’m running out of hours in the day to devote to something that makes me no money.

And you or the d-bag that fired me might be surprised to hear, after three weeks in my new job they told me they didn’t know what they did before me and asked if I’d be interested in going full-time.  That was quite the boost to the old ego I needed after being let go after 17 years and made to feel like an idiot for the last year or so.  I do have some skillz, I can’t believe I ever doubted myself.


1 Comment

  1. MB

    Congratulations. I will miss the daily blogs. 😀

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