May the Fourth Be With You

In honor of Star Wars Day, I’ve foregone my photo Friday blog for this one.   It’s going to be epic.

I’m still struggling after 300+ posts on what this blog is going to be about.  It’s gotten really complain-y.  My friend Gloria might say it’s dark, if she still read it.   Parenting’s hard, y’all.

So I’m on the record as being terrible at small talk.  I just don’t think things through.  Need a couple of examples?  I told someone “I’m sorry” when they said they got married.  I suggested a type of dog food I would eat as a senior citizen when I couldn’t afford food.  I told a woman her baby was so cute you could cook him like a Christmas ham.  It’s a wonder anyone talks to me.  The following example isn’t that bad, it’s just a commentary on what a nerd I’m not.  Segue into the fact that I keep track of very few people from high school.  Keep going, there’s no math.

I was at Moonshine’s volleyball a few weeks back and trying to make small talk with other parents.  I’m terrible at it, but this mom and dad sat kind of close so I thought it would be more awkward if I didn’t.  I asked whose parents they were because I’m really observant and they told me and they made the connection on whose parent I am.  Then, Moonshine’s team put their hands in and said, “MUMBLE!”  Whatever, I don’t know what they said, but it was the name of their team.

So I looked over at the other mother and asked what the name of their team was.  She said it was the Jags.  I said I thought it was Justice League and she said it was but they started calling themselves Jags.  I don’t even know why.  Then there was an awkward silence that I always feel like I have to fill and I said, Well, that’s timely since that new Justice League movie’s coming out.  Huh?  She actually went along with me and said, Oh yeah.  Her face said she had no idea what I was talking about.  Did you get it yet?  Yeah, I meant the Avengers.  I’m an idiot.  I thought about just letting it go and I leaned back over and said, It’s the Avengers, and she said, *pat-pat* I know.

I literally have like four Facebook friends from high school.  If you’re one of them, you’re welcome.  You’re welcome for what?  You’re welcome for flooding your timeline with nonsense and ridiculous pictures.  How else would you know I have a blog?

So there’s a guy from high school who won a contest designing a shirt for the Avengers and I was going to put it on here like I do all the other pictures I find online, but then he blasted someone on his timeline for stealing his art.  I don’t know what constitutes stealing, but I certainly don’t want to be on this guy’s bad side and he’s incredibly talented, like crazy talented.

So I asked him if I could borrow his picture and put a link to buy the shirt.  It’s really cool.  He gave me express permission and had no idea I had a blog.  Whatever, I was only on Oprah.  Yeah, just kidding.  If you’re a Justice League Avengers fan, you’re totally going to want to get this shirt and wear it to the premier or the video store or your computer software job or a Star Wars convention.  I realize I’ve stereotyped you into a geek, but I’m probably going to wait for the rental on this sucker.  Hold everything….In doing my in-depth research about the Avengers movie I just saw that it was done by Joss Whedon.  Well, hello, I will absolutely see this movie.  Now, if he could only get on another Firefly movie, I could totally geek out with the best of them.

Back to you, however, YOU should totally support my friend The Illustrator Formerly Known as Jerry Bennett and BUY A SHIRT.  Then you can click HERE  to check out more of his work.  Crazy talented.



  1. MB

    At least seven that I counted. ;D.
    Missed the blog earlier this week. Glad you are back.

    • Thanks for the accurate number of Facebook fans!! And thanks for missing me!

  2. carikelley

    Yeah, well, at least you didn’t think David Beckham played tennis.
    And wait…you are a joss weedon fan and like firefly?! And you don’t watch Big Bang Theory?! Serious oversight on your part, lady. I only know what Firefly is because of BBT!
    I haven’t seen the Avengers but I here people say its really really good…like their favorite movie of all time (granted that one came from a 16 yr old boy, but still!) and I’m like, “really!?? Just having a hard time imagining it’s anything special.
    Btw, blog commenting from the mobile device is a royal pain. That’s all.

    • I LOVE Joss Whedon and Firefly! I haven’t started BBT but I promise I will. At least you can figure out the comments, that’s more than Sherri can!!

  3. I had to blast the guy that stole my work because he was using to actually profit from. I LOVE when other people show off my work, because that’s just more awesome exposure, like here, which has been featured on Oprah. O_O
    I wish Whedon would make another Firefly movie, but I don’t think it’ll happen, but Avengers was simply amazing! GO see it!!!!

    • Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like The Avengers so I think we’re going then! I’ll tell you Tuesday what I thought!

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