Yup, it’s Friday Again

I’ll get the unanswered question out of the way first.  What’d you do this week?  I celebrated my 300th blog by going out, getting drunk, and telling everyone I have a blog doing nothing.   I actually had a busy week with three days in the office and two days working at home, which was fabulous.  I saw a post on Facebook about how to make a computer shelf for your treadmill.  Of course, I was on my laptop in a recliner at the time, but it seems like a good idea.

I also had Moonshine’s last volleyball practice where the parents played the kids.  The moms would have won if so many of them hadn’t brought younger siblings to play.  And it’s a sad state of affairs when there wasn’t one dad there to play.  We’d been told a week ago that the last practice would be parents against the kids, but only moms and a bunch of annoying siblings.This is where I discovered that my kids all have the worst qualities of their parents.  I tend to let everything I think show on my face, so does Moonshine.  Tenderheart is a fatalist.  She thinks if you’re 10 minutes late, you must be dead.  Yup, I have that too.   Unfortunately, the kid that got the worst of it is Sunshine who got her sports ability and attitude from her dad.  Poor thing.  I watched her play tennis today and she was just walking through the points.  I literally wanted to punch her in the face because I’m out there like a tool in the rain giving her encouragement and she’s got the worst attitude of anyone I’ve seen for a long time.  I try not to scream, You’re just like your father!!, because keeping my PTSD down is really hard, y’all.

Here’s the retro picture of the week.  2002 was an easier time with a 4, 7 and 2-year-old. 

Moonshine, Sunshine, and Tenderheart 

I tried to find one where Tenderheart didn’t look startled, but couldn’t.  There was no teen angst in this picture, no cell phones, those girls loved me so much.  Tonight when I was unable to kill a moth and I ran downstairs to get away from Sunshine’s moth tantrum, she yelled, “You Suck” at me.  The little girl in that picture never thought I sucked, she thought I hung the moon.  One day the monkey told me, “I wish I could see you like they do.  They think you’re beautiful.”  Awwwww, can’t believe I let that charmer go, can you?

So this week found us at Sunshine’s performance of five one act plays.  Here, she’s a jester in Hamlet in 15 Minutes.Here’s Tenderheart and Minnie who I did take to the play, but made them wear headphones through Sex Lives of SuperheroesOne of the lines in the play was, Question:  Did Superman and Lois Lane ever have sex; and the main character said, No, the force of his ejaculation would have blown her head off.  Yeah, performing arts at its finest.  Sunshine said the funniest part of that one act play for her and her friends was watching my reaction to it.  Great, glad I could be there for you.

We also went shopping this week where Sunshine got a t-shirt that I can assure you she won’t wear more than once.Moonshine tried on the most atrocious shirt and I shut her down so she ended up doing this the rest of the time.Here’s Tenderheart, who I conned into helping Moonshine mow the grass.  Yes, folks, we’ve come to the time of year where I complain for five months about how I don’t have anyone to take care of my  yard.  Moonshine told me I should hire a Mexican, so I did.Here is my beautiful lilac bush, which I was going to call an azalea until someone posted a picture on their Facebook of their beautiful lilac bush.  What do I know.My yard needs some serious work.  Here’s my one tulip that came up this year.  Here’s Buford after a long night of catting around.  I’m going to keep using that joke until someone tells me to stop, thus confirming that real people read my blog and not just spam.And here’s poor Molly, who probably has the best life of all of us except that Moonshine never gives her fresh water or remembers to feed her, but she doesn’t have a job, she’s laying on the couch and not on her dog blanket so her life really can’t be that tough. 

So that was my week, this is my life.  And my sister thanked me for all the call-outs on my blog but told me I can stop acknowledging her now.  However, my planned blog on Monday is to tell you 43 things I love about her in honor of her birthday!  I guess after that I can stop talking about her, but she’s just so much fun.

And how cute is she!!


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