Happy 300th Post, Christyd4!

I really feel like I should have a plan for my 300th post.  Working is really getting in the way of the daily blogging.  I’m afraid this is just going to be a ramble.  You might want to get out now.  Oh, and I just got my 100th like.  So 300 posts and 100 likes, those numbers aren’t great.  And you know who’s probably liking my blog posts?  Spam.

Sunshine used to do competitive dance.  Not like Dance Moms where she learned a new dance every week and we flew to California on a moment’s notice.  Who are those people??  But the normal competitive dance where they learned a dance in August and September and competed it all season.  I think that’s the more likely way to do competitive dance.  I’m not saying anything’s dramatized for reality television.  She was like 8 or so and then stopped when she started middle school.

When she was 10, she had a tap solo where she had to ride a skateboard out and then do a tap dance.  It was adorable.  I have had to teach them everything, reading, potty training, riding a bike (except Tenderheart because she was taught by both Sun and Moon shines), manners, but I asked the monkey to teach her how to ride a skateboard.  Since I’ve had children, I have no equilibrium, so I was going to kill myself if I tried.  He was yelling at her within 10 minutes because she was scared.  She was able to limp through it and got out on stage every time on that skateboard but learning it was a really bad experience, and while he has the ability to help her be better at tennis, she would never let him work with her.

A better blogger would have a picture of the dance, but I’m already late and my sister refuses to ask me about my blog since she’s mad about the pic I put up yesterday.  I thought she looked adorable.

Last Friday I was able to watch Tenderheart and her volleyball team play.  I stupidly asked the monkey to coach because they didn’t have a coach and they wouldn’t have had a team.  Her team sucks, the parents suck, the kids suck, the coach sucks, not one of those kids besides Tenderheart looks like they even want to be there.  He’s a terrible coach, but even when he tells them they have to move or something, no one moves.  Honestly, it looks like only 8 out of 10 of those kids even wants to play.  So after the game last Friday, Tenderheart was coming with me to Moonshine’s game, which she’s never asked him to go to, and Tenderheart has tears in her eyes.  I said, What’s wrong? Are you getting ready to cry?  And she said, I usually wait until right before I go to bed to cry about it.

She was saving those tears for her pillow like Abby Lee told everyone on Dance Moms.  I had no idea it was so bad for Tenderheart.  And I have to preface everything by saying she’s the most tender of the bunch, while being the most snotty, but he feels like she’s the only one he can yell at because she’s his kid.  He really has no idea how to deal with any of his kids.  And I usually help him because I wish they had a better relationship than the one I had with my dad, but there’s really only so much I can do for him.

A lot of my adult decisions were based on the relationship I had with my dad.  My parents got divorced when I was young and he moved to Colorado when I was 8 so I saw him maybe once a year until I was 19 and moved in with him.  It only lasted a month because the idea of having a relationship with my dad and actually having a relationship with my dad after all those years was very difficult, to say the least.  I wanted my kids to have a better relationship with their dad and I forced it a little.  Maybe it will come around when they’re adults and they’ll have a relationship with him, but I’m through trying to push it when he has no idea how to be a parent.  If they want to go over there, fine; if they don’t, fine.  They’re at the age where they don’t have to do anything they don’t want to, which is why Sunshine’s hasn’t been over to his house in years.

So instead of 300 awesome things about me, I’ve wasted my 300th post and the last 20 years on that monkey.  He’s not going to change.  You know what I hate?  Him…..and 24-hour news.  I think 24-hour news and reality television are the demise of our civilization.  Why is everything so sensationalized?  I actually saw a news story that said, “Texas boy starved to death?”  And in the article, they have no idea.  Why do they ask a question in a headline?  Shouldn’t they already know the answer?  Why would you report it if you don’t?  I get so sick of the “news”, and I use that word very broadly.  Headline – “How does Jennifer Anniston feel about Brad Pitt’s engagement?”  Story – She doesn’t care.  Why is that news?  Aren’t we still at war?

And I never got to post my review of 11/22/63 by Stephen King.  Really good, there you go.  Now I’ve moved on to reading The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly.  I never saw the movie, but am really liking the book.  My sister has some really good books on her Nook that I can hack into.  I think I’m going to start making requests although she refused to get that Fifty Shades of Grey I’ve been hearing about.  She called it trash and told me I’d have to buy it myself.

And I’m going to finish up this momentous blog post with a story about my awesome dog Molly.  She’s been a little out of sorts since I started back to work and our schedule of take kids to school, come home and nap has been really thrown askew.  I now have to work in the office two days a week and the other three days I either tell her, Molly, let’s go work and she goes to my office to lay on her bed under my desk.; or I say, Molly, let’s go nap and she runs straight to my bed.  She’s brilliant.  I’m going to start letting her make my life decisions.

My dog really is better than yours.


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