You Get What You Pay For

My blog is late today.  You get what you pay for.  This is actually my 299th post.  I feel like tomorrow’s should be really good.  There’s a lot of pressure.  My sister actually texted me this morning and told me she was going to have to find someone else to follow if I couldn’t keep up.  To which I say, Good luck finding someone who has so many pictures of you!
I wish I could find the picture of her trying to strangle me when I was a baby.  This is cousin Cari and my awesome sister at Easter 1979.

The problem I had last night, I don’t get up early so I usually blog the night before, is that I went to a performance at Sunshine’s school.  The advanced performing arts class did a series of four one act plays and then Hamlet in 15 minutes, which was hilarious.  Sunshine was in three of the plays and in one she played a psycho ex-girlfriend, which was really funny.  It was free and I was one of only like 10 people in the whole place.  Where are those other kids’ parents?  I didn’t invite anyone else because she told me about it Monday night, but that place should have been full of at least parents.

So I told my friend Heather (holla!) that I was taking Tenderheart tonight and I’d take her daughter Minnie, and then they performed the one act play Secret Sex Lives of Superheroes…….I have to say I think they must have picked it based only on the title because it wasn’t really funny and it was really risque.  Like, I was looking around and cringing at the people who had brought kids.  Now, I will still take Tenderheart to see Sunshine and probably make her cover her ears, but for Heather (holla!) who always seems to pick our church service where they talk about sex, I’m going to have to warn her of what Minnie’s going to hear tonight.  Maybe I should just take ear plugs for both of them.

I know I’ve told you Moonshine and Tenderheart are playing volleyball because the monkey is Tenderheart’s coach.  And he’s a terrible coach.  I’m not going too much into it because it’s going to make a good Monkey Bashing Thursday blog, but he’s an awful coach.  So I was at Moonshine’s volleyball match when I heard the ultimate “My kid’s better than your kid” conversation going on.  I was fascinated by it.  It was like watching a tennis match and then the dad’s got involved and that took it to a whole new level.

For you, my new reader, you can read HERE about the “My kid’s better than your kid” mom.  I’m going to name them Mom A (of Suzy) and Mom B (of Jane and John) and then Dad A and Dad B are going to come in.  You know people like this so you have to read it with the proper tone.

Mom A:  Suzy tried out for poms at the high school already and made it.

Mom B:  Jane’s going to play volleyball.

Mom A:  Suzy’s playing volleyball too.

Mom B:  Have you started looking at college’s?  (these are 8th graders)

Mom A:  Yes, we’ve already taken her to some.

Mom B:  When we filled out all the paperwork for John, we found out how many scholarships are out there.

Mom A:  I know.

Mom B:  Did you know there’s a scholarship for left-handed people?

Mom A:  Yes.

Dad BHe listed a bunch of other scholarships John was eligible for.

Dad A:  We took a road trip last summer looking at colleges.  Two weeks, nine states, and two countries.

Mom A:  Did I tell you Suzy tried out for poms and made it?

Thank God the game started because I was exhausted just listening to it.


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