Life is So Hard in the Suburbs

I’ve run out of things to say and I’m mad at Sunshine so this blog is going to suck.  I think I should just stick to the Friday photo blog because even if I just take pictures Thursday night, I have something good to talk about.  Sunshine is under an inordinate amount of pressure right now with school work and I get it, although she said I don’t know what high school’s like, but she’s just shutting off and not saying anything and it’s driving me crazy.  She obviously needs help managing things, but when I ask if she needs help she says no and then lashes out.

I think this is what Dr. Kevin Leman was talking about when he said you need to let them fail.  I also think I was supposed to have a new teen by now, but I don’t.  I probably need to get that book again. 

Sunshine’s taking the ACTs tomorrow and she’s nervous, but snapping at me only makes me mad and I had to just walk away tonight.  Dr. Leman would say the next time she asks me to go somewhere I should tell her no because of her attitude.  I told her if she continued talking to me like that she wouldn’t have a car doing it or a cell phone or Tumblr.  I told her I had no problem taking her to school and tennis and her performance this week, but she wasn’t going to be snotty and me buy the gas for that.

We also started something new this week.  In the midst of The Great Laundry Debate, I made a proclamation that I had had enough.  It was as dramatic as it sounds.  No one does the laundry, no one puts it away, it sits in the washer for days, and I’m the only one seemingly responsible for it even though there’s no way in hell I could wear their size.  So starting this week they have a laundry day and they bring down their laundry once a week to do like two loads, take it back upstairs and put it away.  I told Sunshine it’s exactly how she’s going to have to do it in college.  And now, normally, when it’s just sitting in the washer like it is right now, I would just cycle it for her but I’m mad so I’m not going to.  I honestly don’t care if you have clean clothes or not.

And I don’t know why I’m so grouchy.  I should be happy that she’s stressed about school.  I should be happy that she’s doing her homework and taking such responsibility for it.  And the reason I should be happy about it is…..Guess who got kicked out of school today?  If you said Moonshine, you’d be wrong, and how rude, she’s doing much better, thank you.  If you said, Mary Jane, you’d be right.  For my new reader,  you can read about Mary Jane HERE, and I gave an update HERE, but Mary Jane and Sunshine were best friends in middle school and the beginning of freshman year until MJ started hanging with the wrong crowd, getting high, and lying to Sunshine, that’s when Sunshine stopped being her friend.  Sunshine said, I have to worry about my dad lying to me and now my best friend?  It was a really sad time for her and she has no tolerance for lying.

I would see Mary Jane sometimes when I went to the school and she would be smoking on the grassy knoll.  Sunshine doesn’t know what happened, but she knows that MJ had to clean out her locker today and leave the premises.  That sounds like expulsion, my friend, or her parents got wise and took her out completely.  And I feel terrible for her.  Sunshine never understood the soft spot I had for Mary Jane, but I WAS Mary Jane in middle school and high school.  And she had so much potential if she could just see past high school.  All of them have so much potential if they can just keep their head on straight and think through all the hormones and emotions.  I would tell Sunshine that, but apparently I don’t know what high school’s like.  Good thing I never had to go.


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