Who ARE These People?

My theory has always been that my soulmate died in a fire.   I don’t even know if I believe in “soulmates”, but if I did, then mine would be dead or in a coma or trying to get out of a bad first marriage because he didn’t marry his soulmate since it’s me.  I think about it a lot, more than I should.  Do you believe in soulmates?  I’d like to.  I’d like to think God made a perfect man just for me, only to take his short life in a fire, or maybe not, I don’t know.  I’m putting it on my list of things to ask God when I meet Him in 50 or so good years.

I try not to talk about reality television because I think it’s the demise of our civilization.  I think Jersey Shore is why other countries hate us and I think you have to be the most ridiculous people to even get on reality television, which I’d like to think isn’t the norm for people in our society.  I swear if Moonshine comes home from her dad’s one more time after watching a Jersey Shore marathon, I’m going to scream!  I haven’t met people like that, I’m not people like that, my family are not people like that.  You know what I’m talking about.  I say, What’s wrong with people? and Who are these people?  A LOT.

Am I the only person that has no desire to be on a reality TV show, (unless it’s The Biggest Loser and that’s just for the makeover, oh, and all the weight loss)?  If I could only get close to Bob for a few months, he would realize I’m the one for him.  Oh my gosh, maybe my soulmate is a personal trainer!  I need a personal trainer.  Okay, I’m completely off track.

So I saw an episode of My Crazy Obsession on TLC, have you seen this garbage?  Even though I think it’s the demise of our civilization, I’m fascinated by reality TV.  Who are these people?  Can there really be that many crazy people out there?  Again, what’s wrong with people?

Let me get back to the show My Crazy Obsession.  This show features people who collect things only not like hoarders.  They collect like presidential stuff or 1950’s stuff or Cabbage Patch Kids, etc.  I hadn’t seen it before but an episode came on and Tenderheart had her friend Minnie over and they had watched the show so I called everyone in because this couple collects dolls.  How cool!!  Hey, everyone, let’s watch this couple who collects dolls.

However, this fun-loving couple collects “love dolls”, wait, what?  Yeah, LOVE DOLLS, 240 of them from the blow-up kind to the expensive silicon variety.  Um……okay, everyone go back outside and play, this show’s not for you!

However, I could not stop watching.  It was like a train wreck that you know you should turn away from, but you just have to see how this is going to turn out.  Like a real-life Lars and the Real Girl, which I loved, only this was creepy and weird.  First of all, they’re British and they live in a cute little cottage.  Second of all, they have no kids.  Shocker!  And what’s weird is they’re like old.  I don’t know how long they’ve been collecting these dolls, but they’re no spring chickens.  And here’s my point, did you notice I said this COUPLE collects love dolls?  Even THAT guy’s married.  I’m going to die alone, but this guy has a wife who helps him take care of his dolls and treats them like they’re their children.

When they take Justine out in public to take funny pictures at the police station in her “naughty police woman uniform” (I could not make this stuff up), the wife has to sit in the backseat while Justine the love doll is seatbelted into the front next to the husband.  And when the husband buys a “slightly used” love doll off the internet, the wife helps him carry her in and wash her off.  Who are these people?  And furthermore, why on God’s green earth would you go on national television, okay, deep cable, and tell people you collect LOVE DOLLS?

I think that’s the thing that’s the most puzzling for me.  I guess I do understand makeover shows, because those people (or me) need help, right?  I just don’t understand people who just go on TV to look the fool or make an ass out of themselves.  What are those people getting out of it?  When you get flour-bombed in another country because people hate you, what do you get out of exposing your life like that?

I think I don’t understand how we idolize the famous and infamous in this country.  I would never buy something because a “celebrity” or a Kardashian advertised for it.  And there is no one I would want an autograph from unless it’s on a check made payable to Cash.  I don’t understand the crazy fan who cries when Justin Bieber walks through an airport or the Beatles or One Direction.  I wouldn’t want to be that kind of famous, and I wouldn’t want people to know my name.

Do I want to make money off my blog? Sure.  Does that mean I want to be famous?  No.  Can I figure out how to make money off my blog?  No, so there’s no worry that I would become famous.  However, if I could only get more than 240 Love Dolls, sign me up for My Crazy Obsession, or lock me in the funny farm because I’ve lost it.


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