My Very Special 420 Photo Blog

You might be surprised, or not, to find out Tenderheart had to apologize again tonight for being so snotty to me.  So I took her cell phone and iPod and told her she was not going to ever talk to me like that again if she wanted any privileges in this house.  But I’m a little irritated tonight.  You’re reading this Friday morning or never so I’m sure I’ll be fine, but Thursday night, I’m irritated.  My contacts are hurting my eyes, I’ve had to work four days straight and I’m exhausted, but mostly because I have quite possibly the snottiest kids on the planet.  Okay, I don’t, but when I’m irritated, it really seems like it.  I don’t think I spanked them enough and now they run faster than me.  Moonshine just told me she thinks we’re PMSing.  Oh, great.

My week at work has been really good and my new boss called me a blessing.  Take that, old boss who thought I couldn’t do anything right, I’m a freakin’ blessing.  And I am really liking it, but today was slow, therefore, really hard to get through.  And then my boss, who had just called me a blessing, said something about “when you get old like us”.  I’m pretty sure she was NOT talking about me because I am nowhere near her age, or I’m older because I’m a terrible judge of women’s ages.  Except, her kids are way older than mine and she was married 25 years before she got divorced so she MUST be older than me, but do I look that old then??  Oh no, I’m thinking of it that way now!!  I’m going to stick with the opinion of the Kaiser Perm nurse who told me I didn’t look old enough to have a 16-year-old.  She had much better eyesight than my new boss.

Okay, I’m talking my way through my Friday photo blog when I should be doing something else, including but not limited to, taking my contacts out.

Here is my retro picture of the week.  In honor of my cousin Cindi telling me my blogs are too much to keep up with and she has a life and all, here we are in 1987 at a joint graduation lunch for our sisters.  Both my older sister and her older sister graduated in 1987, making them almost 43, and we had a graduation celebration at Applewoods in Oklahoma City where they had the best apple fritters or dumplings or something good made with apples.  I have never been an apple fan, if you will, but it was not MY graduation celebration, that would come MUCH, much later.  In the background is our Aunt Lahoma.  Get it?  Aunt Lahoma, born in Oklahoma.  She was a most amazing lady and my first brush with an adult that said things that were completely inappropriate.  She was hilarious and always said exactly what she was thinking.  I miss her.  I think she would have liked me as an adult.

Here’s Sunshine losing her tennis match this week even though she played really hard.  It’s hard to watch her play so good and still lose.

Here is Moonshine at Jacque de la Carton as my dad would say it:

Tenderheart loves those curly fries:

Here’s poor Molly wondering why I can’t take her with me when I leave in the morning.  Poor Molly:

And here’s Buford who generally stays out all night catting around (get it?) and then comes in and sleeps all day.  I would say I envy his life, but he’s a cat, so I obviously do.

This is what’s on the corner when I turn off the highway to go to my new job:

This is what I needed in order to get through Thursday:

Here are some beautiful tulips in the median on the street:

And here is the front of Heather (holla!)’s house.  So pretty.  I love the spring.

And lastly, this little cherry pie from Starbucks is the most delightful thing I’ve ever had.  And they call it a PETIT, so it can’t have that many calories, right?  RIGHT??

That was my week, this is my life.  And I don’t want to oversell anything, but you are going to LOVE my blog on Monday.  It’s going to be mind-blowing.  Just see if you can wait a whole weekend!


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