A Bit of a Ramble with a Review Thrown in

I had a really good post in my head earlier, and by really good, you know it’s opposite day. I was thinking this morning that new jobs are awesome for reinventing yourself. I didn’t do that, mind you, but I certainly could have. I could have gone out and bought dresses and been a dress-wearing girl. I could have gotten a mohawk or started drinking coffee because while I’ve free-lanced for this company for 7 years, I’d never actually met many of them in person. I could have been anything.

But I wasn’t, except for today, when I pretended to be a workaholic. Actually this whole week has been “what can I do for you”, “absolutely, I’d love to”, “what else do you need”? I’ve been overhelpful girl. I actually went back into the office after my shift and well after my 1:00 cut-off time to finish something up that wasn’t ready when I left and that I couldn’t do at home. I didn’t realize people worked after 3:00, but guess what, they do! So I went in at 4:45 and finished something up and told my office mate that I’d really messed up because now they know I live close enough to just pop by whenever they need me to.

And I like my job, I like what I’m doing and you know what else I like? Health insurance, benefits, etc. So if looking like I know what I’m doing and acting like I know what I’m doing will get me closer to health insurance and a fuller time job, not necessarily full-time, but closer would be nice, then I’m for it. I’m for going back in for fifteen minutes to finish up. I’m for drug tests and no more visitor parking. I’m all for feeding my family, so there you go.

Speaking of feeding my family, I went to Sam’s and spent money like I had some and then I spotted a hot Asian:

I'm on the right.

Sunshine was so mortified that I took that picture (and the one before it) that she called me “mother”. There was an incredibly hot guy in the lane right next to me, what was I going to do? I actually took about six pictures before I got two good ones to send to Sunshine. I don’t have a type. The monkey is either Mexican or Hispanic depending on who you ask; but seriously, at this point, the guy I date would just have to be breathing. Now, this guy, way too young obviously, but so cute, I can’t even tell you. I practically followed him around Sam’s. And why can’t you get out of Sam’s without spending less than $100? There’s some sort of limit that they don’t let you spend less than.

And the perfectly constructed blog in my head from earlier was way more interesting than this. Oh, I have a new movie friend and genre. It’s Moonshine and the scary movie. In my bid to become Mother of the Year (again), I took Moonshine to see Cabin in the Woods last weekend. Now, spoiler alert, I like a good spoiler as much as the next guy, but I stayed away from reading reviews because I don’t like being spoiled on scary movies. I don’t want to know the twist. What? He was dead at the end of Sixth Sense? That would have ruined the entire movie. And I’m sorry if I spoiled it, but that movie came out so long ago I was happily married at the time. I read an article about Cabin in the Woods the day after we saw it and a reviewer from the Village Voice told the ending of the movie in the first paragraph and then said it wasn’t a spoiler. Really? I wonder what that guy thinks a spoiler is. I would have been so mad to read that before I saw the movie. And I liked it, I thought it was interesting, but I wouldn’t recommend it to you, my conservative reader.

It was written and directed by Joss Whedon who did Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel TV series. He also did Dollhouse, which I liked A LOT, but I just couldn’t get behind Buffy and Angel, and let me tell you why. Are you on the edge of your seat? I can really only suspend my disbelief so much. On about the fourth episode of Angel when there was ANOTHER creature that had ANOTHER super power, I thought, Joss Whedon has an amazing imagination, but I do not. I actually thought that. That being said, Sunshine and Moonshine loved both of those series so I was definitely in the minority. Cabin in the Woods was a different take on a scary movie and I would never spoil it, but there were times when I felt like it was fighting with itself on whether it was a comedy or a scary movie, however, I think it managed to be both and be entertaining at the same time.

And here we are, I have no idea how I got to here, but I do have a great story to tell you tomorrow on Monkey Bashing Thursday. That guy just keeps amazing me.


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