A Starlite Nite – Junior Prom 2012

My prom theme was A Night of Oriental Enchantment and my date was arrested on the way to the after party, which I’m sure I told my mother was at some amusement park but was actually at a hotel.  It didn’t matter though because I spent my after prom in a police station wondering if I was going to get my boyfriend out of jail before my curfew.

I know everyone’s dying to hear about Sunshine’s prom and by everyone, I mean no one, but let me just tell it and then I’ll move on to something even more riveting.  I talked a couple of weeks back about how Sunshine broke up with her first boyfriend I called Wilson.  He asked her out at the beginning of the play, but never called her.  Now, when I say he never called her, it’s not like he never called when he said he would, he NEVER called her.  So he may have asked her “out”, but that meant something completely different to him.  He hung out with her at the play, but never actually went out.  This is important later.  He did ask her out on the Tuesday of spring break and then never called or explained why he stood her up.  So she broke up with him and he said he saw it coming.  They were friends before this and she wasn’t mean or anything and she thought they would just go back to being friends.  I said I hoped that he’d go to the prom and see how awesome she looked.  And she looked awesome.  More on that in a minute.

I thought I’d be much more busy on prom weekend helping her get ready but no such luck.  I was really there just to make sure her and her friends had pizza and that my car was cleaned out for her to drive.  I also had to change a headlight, a brakelight, and add oil to my car to make sure it was running good.  That’s about all I know how to do anyway.  Although, side note, I still have not found a handyman and it’s so hard to change the headlight on my car, I have to practically take the whole grill off.  So I’m standing out there frustrated and cold because I couldn’t find the book with the instructions to change the headlight, and Tenderheart walks up and says, Why don’t we just call someone?  Instead of tears, I told her, We don’t need anyone and I’m going to show you how to change this headlight.  Then she helped with the brake light and I showed her where the oil goes.  I’m not raising kids who can’t do anything for themselves.

Okay, so car is good.  Sunshine had a mani/pedi to match her shoes.

Here is her before she went to her friend’s, I’ll call her Lenny, to get her hair and make-up done.

Here is the waterfall braid Lenny put in.  It was beautiful.
The homecoming dance last Fall was also Sunshine’s birthday party so I ended up doing everyone’s hair and makeup and it was so much fun but pretty stressful, so I was perfectly fine when she wanted someone else to do it.  Everyone went to Lenny’s and then came to our house to get dressed, eat pizza, and go to the dance.  And pictures, of course there were pictures.

Here is her finished pedicure with the shoes.  Everyone loved them and she said they made it most of the night before she took them off and put her flats on.

When she got home she was so excited, but mostly because the prom was at the aquarium and they left the exhibits open until 10:00.  I wish I could have recorded her excitement as she talked about the otters.  Oh, and the food.  Here, she found the chocolate covered strawberries.

I asked if she did much dancing and she said they mostly socialized but she was so happy when she got home about how much fun they had.  Everyone loved her dress.  She LOVED her dress and she said she felt and looked beautiful.  Misty of the dress and the abandoned bench came over to see her before she left and I got a picture of them, but forgot to ask if it was okay to put on here.  She might have a warrant or something, you don’t know.  But you’ll just have to trust that she’s as lovely inside and out and we are so thankful she moved in across the street from us.

So end of night, Sunshine and her friend I call Mariska came home to watch movies and hang out.  I was asking her how it went and if Wilson was there.  She said he was, and I asked if he said anything to her.  She said, “I walked up to him and said, Hi Wilson, you look really nice, and he said, Thanks, and walked off.”  Not a “you look nice too”, “I was an idiot to let you go”, nothing you want to hear an ex-boyfriend say, of course.  So I told Sunshine, I’m so sorry, what a jerk.  And she said, “It’s fine, I know I look awesome, I don’t need him to tell me.”  She’s a better person than I ever was.

Home Safely from Junior Prom


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  1. Whitney

    She looks absolutely beautiful. I’m glad she had fun and happy to know that she realizes that Wilson is not worth the time of day. MEN!

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