A Very Special Friday the 13th Photo Blog

Happy Friday the 13th or whatever your belief system!

So I said a few months ago that whatever the next social network THING was, I was not going.  I am completely overwhelmed, and slightly bored, with Facebook so I’m not moving on to the next THING.  Then I got a Tumblr and a Google+ and a Pinterest, which is really depressing because it makes me think I should be more crafty than I am.  I’m not crafty.  Why would I pin anything to my imaginary board that I’m never going to do?  That’s why my board is completely empty.  Sorry, followers, I am not pinterested in anything right now.  See what I did there?  And don’t even get me started on Tumblr.  It’s like your life in a gif.  I fully believe the youth of America could cure cancer, attain world peace, and find life on other planets if only they weren’t so distracted by gifs on Tumblr that are reposted to Facebook and Twitter.  Okay, people, enough with the pictures and cute sayings!  I get it, you’re quirky.

I’m going to repeat this but only because I’m still laughing about it.  My friend Anna is going to completely kill me (LOVE YOU!).  There’s my disclaimer.  So Anna and her husband Brian came over for Moonshine’s birthday extravaganza, and once the kids were all outside playing, the grown-ups started talking about all this social networking because I swear it’s the bane of my existence.  We also talked about Dance Moms because that’s what we do.  Anyway, so talking about social networking and Brian says, I don’t even understand Twitter.  I don’t know what a twat is.  Oh my gosh….still laughing.  He’s seriously the nicest guy I’ve ever met and of course, he’s married.  I should have asked if I could put up a picture to go with that quote, but I didn’t.  Next time he says something funny I’m totally snapping a picture.

Here’s my retro picture of the week, although I’ve had quite a few retro pictures this week.  Who dusted off her scanner and photo album?  This chick.  And let me just say, Holy beehive, Batman.

Close your mouth, Christy

Just look at my mom and dad.  My dad had hair, my mom had brown hair, and my sister could not be cuter.  I’m the thinnest I’ve ever been because I think my mom was trying to starve me.  There was some story about me being allergic to formula or something, but all I heard is I almost died.

Here’s Sunshine and her friend Mariska after Sunshine won her first tennis match.  The one she didn’t invite the monkey to.

Here’s me and Sunshine at Midnight Movie Madness to see Jeff Who Lives at Home.  LOVED IT!

Here’s me and Moonshine at the drive-thru at Chick-Fil-A.  Again, LOVED IT!

Here is what I did NOT get.

Here’s me and Tenderheart waiting for Moonshine to try on clothes.

And did someone say family dinner?  And finally my free burrito at Qdoba?  I work hard for that free burrito every time.

Here is Buford on our new chair.  He looks evil or maybe bored. 
And who could forget Molly who I think might have been abused in her three short months before we adopted her.  She doesn’t seem to like men, she’s certainly in the right house.  Let’s just say when she’s in the car, there’s only one group of people she barks at, and I’ll leave it at that.   And you should see her sad little face when I have to go into work and can’t take her with me to drop the girls off at school.  She’s sad.

Speaking of which, next week I’m working all five days in an actual office so I don’t know how that’s going to affect my daily blogs although my cousin Cindi said I was blogging too much and she can’t keep up.  I guess I might be a little wordy, but I’m not making you do math or anything.

So here’s a picture of my new office!

To the right of the lamp in the picture is a little black square, which is a light switch covered in electrical tape.  I assumed they didn’t want me to touch it but then they explained that it goes to the garbage disposal next door in the breakroom so they REALLY don’t want me to touch it.  I didn’t want to until they told me what it was and then I spent like 10 minutes staring at it wondering what would happen.  You’ll be happy to know that clearer heads prevailed and I didn’t turn it on, but one whole week of staring at that might just push me over the edge.

With great power comes great responsibility.


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