Six More Years Stuck in an Enigma

I’m just going to jump right in because I’ve got nothing else and there’s so much bashing with so little time.  I have three stories and I should save some for another week, but like a well-tended garden, these stories just keep replenishing.

Last week the monkey called to make sure he was going to have the younger girls on Easter, so I told him that Tenderheart would like an Easter basket.  I told him I could get it for her but if he was going to keep them then he could do it.  He’s been working a lot of overtime and I haven’t taken him back to court to get more child support since I lost my job, plus it’s been the same for five years, so he can get an Easter basket.  Or can he…foreshadowing….  I said, Tenderheart would really like an Easter basket; and he said, I’ll go shopping for one right now.

So I got the younger girls for Easter service on Saturday night, then we met Sunshine at CFA afterwards.  She had a babysitting gig and couldn’t go to church but met us for dinner.  We ate and then I took them back to the monkey’s house.  On the way back to his house, Moonshine got a text from him asking her to text him when they were on their way.  She said we were on our way.  We got to his house and he wasn’t there.  Moonshine texted and he said he was three minutes away.  Seven minutes later he’s still not there and Sunshine is waiting for me to meet her at Target to get some things.  I told Moonshine to tell him we’re going to Target and I’ll drop them off later.  The girls were gone for like two and a half hours, but he picks when they’re on their way back to go run errands.

He then called Moonshine and said they were home just as we saw them drive by us.  Huh?  Seriously, how do you tell your kids not to lie when a driving example is right next to you?  Classic.  Then he said he was at home but then left again since we weren’t there, but there’s only way out of his neighborhood and we were on it, he wasn’t even close.  I texted and told him he needed to just pick them up at Target since he seemed to still be out anyway.  But why not just be honest about it?  I don’t understand all the lying.    Oh, and guess what?  No Easter basket.  SHOCKER!  So basically he asked me if he could keep them on Easter because he had big plans and they didn’t go to the grandparents or anything.  They hung out all day playing Call of Duty.  Nothing says He is Risen like killing people on Call of Duty.

Let’s move to Tuesday where the last like five weeks he’s picked up Tenderheart and her friend I’ll call her Minnie from Science club.  He gets the girls on Tuesdays and if he can get them at school, then he should.   So the past five weeks, he picks up Tenderheart and Minnie, drops Minnie off at home, and comes to get Moonshine.  The only difference this Tuesday was that Moonshine was babysitting so she wasn’t going.  But I called him on this Tuesday and asked if he’d get Minnie like normal and just drop her off at home.  I don’t know how to be any more clear.

All he had to do was get Tenderheart and Minnie, drop Minnie off, and be on his way.  I get a call at 3:45 from my friend Heather (holla!) that he never picked up Minnie.  She was just standing out there waiting to be picked up and finally got ahold of her mom.  They stayed a little late in Science club and he called Tenderheart to come out (because he hates to wait) and when she came out he asked about Minnie, but Tenderheart didn’t know the plan, however, the monkey did because I had called him.  Tenderheart said she didn’t know so he just left.  He didn’t call me to make sure Minnie had a ride home, he just left.  What kind of moron doesn’t check to make sure the plan is the same before leaving an 11-year-old at the school alone?

I called to find out why he didn’t get Minnie and he said Tenderheart told him she had a ride.  And when I asked why he didn’t call me to verify, he yelled, WHY WOULD I?  Ummm….because I had told you something different and why are you listening to an 11YO?  So he takes no responsibility and it’s all my fault, yadda, yadda, yadda, and I’d rather die than ask him to pick anyone up again.

The last story is how he continues to talk to Sunshine while she’s playing tennis, but I’ve already spent way too much time on this tool, in life and this blog.  I told him he’s going to get her disqualified because he can’t talk to her between points, or at all, only the coaches can, but he just thinks I’m being a bitch.  I’m so done with that guy right now, I don’t even have anything positive to say.  I told him there was a reason he’s only been invited to one game, and then I heard later about how much her coaches hate him.  I married THAT guy.

Again, it’s a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma that I will be paying for the rest of my life (or the next 6 years).


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