What’s Going on in Your House?

So a couple of weeks ago I said I was getting too complainy and I was going to do a blog about how great my kids are.

Just look at those suckers!

I said, and I quote, “It will either be really good or the shortest blog I’ve ever written.”  And actually it was non-existent because I haven’t stopped complaining long enough for me to tell you how awesome my kids are.

Sunshine went out and got a babysitting gig.  She watches two kids every other Tuesday and some weekends, and this woman got her name from our church and said she was highly recommended.  Well, tonight was her night to babysit but because of tennis she asked Moonshine to do it.  I took Moonshine out there and this family has a beautiful house and a bunch of land.  When I went to pick her up, the woman came out and waved and said thank you and then said, “You have some really amazing daughters.”  To which I thought, Huh?  No, actually I thought, I really do.

And they are good kids, even Moonshine, and if that’s the only part people outside of this house see, I’m happy with that.  If they can keep their bickering and fighting within these walls, I will be grateful that in the world, they are good people who love others when, in fact, I know they’ll probably never speak to each other again once they move out.

Now let me tell you why I’m a voyeur.  While driving out in the land of nowhere, halfway to Kansas, with these huge houses, horses, and land, I noticed that not a lot of these giant houses with giant windows had window coverings.  That seems odd to me.  I don’t enjoy people being able to look into my house and see what I’m doing, not that I’m doing anything, but I really like being able to look in other people’s windows.  I like to make up stories on what kind of lives they have behind their white picket fences. 

I would totally be one of those people with a telescope in New York City spending my hours watching other people.  I’m fascinated by other people’s lives.

My dad had a big house in a nice neighborhood and I distinctly remember riding bikes in his neighborhood regretting my decision to marry a monkey because we’d never have a house like those.  You know the kind, four stories, balconies on every floor and a walkout basement.  My life took me in a different direction where I lost my house to foreclosure when the monkey left.  Bad decisions.

Moonshine said she didn’t like the houses because they were too big, and I told her she should aspire to have one of those houses and work hard and get one so I’d have a basement to move into when I’m old(er) and grey(er).  Come on, people, someone’s going to have to take care of me eventually!!


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  1. gfaith

    One of the things I notice most about living in NYC is that when I watch TV now, what captures me most is the size of the homes. Criminal Minds — yep, that was a horrible killing, but did you see the size of the living room they found the bodies in? Cougar Town — ha, ha, ha, big glass of wine — but can you believe the kitchen island she gets to use?

    Just this morning, a commercial came on showing a hurried family getting ready to leave in the morning — the place was a mess with backpacks, toys, and junk strewn all over. I have no idea what the Mom was talking about. All I remember is exclaiming, “Clean that thing up – do you realized how big and amazing your house is??!!” (Oh yeah, I might have jealously called her a bitch…) And we had only seen the kitchen and foyer. Yes, I’m working on letting go of judgement in my life . . . it is a s – l – o – w – w – w process. xoxo

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