As Bob Marley Says….

Guess how my first day of eating better went.  Well, let’s just say the brownies are gone.

Also, I’m pretty sure the only people “liking” or commenting on my posts are Spam, which makes me wonder why they call it spam.  Do you think people in Hawaii who actually eat spam call internet garbage spam or something else? It’s these kinds of things that keep me up at night.

So I think Tuesdays are reviewing something even though the only review anyone liked was The Lucky One as that’s the only one that continues to blow up.  I seriously can’t wait for that movie to come out.  I actually think the screen might blow up because of how hot Zac Efron is.  Seriously?  I know.

I’ve talked previously about how I’ve rarely met a movie I didn’t like.  But when I say stuff like that I start thinking of movies I’ve seen that I didn’t like; Jacob’s Ladder for instance.  And do you have different people you go to different movies with?  Like my cousin Cindi and I don’t miss a James McAvoy movie but she wouldn’t see Bridemaids with me, that was my friend Heather (holla!).  And with my friend Anna it’s always hit or miss, but mostly misses on the last few movies we’ve seen although I enjoyed The Art of War.

We saw Sideways together years ago, and while I thought it was okay, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the guy behind us that kept telling everyone, “I’ve been there”, at each scene up the California coast.  That guy was annoying.  So for period pieces (the one exception being 21 Jump Street), my cousin Cindi; for raunch, Heather; and for all others, Anna.  But now I have a new movie mate and a new genre.  It’s Sunshine and the independent film.  I like independent films because they have a more life-like feel and don’t seem to have a Hollywood ending.  Not everything is wrapped up in a little bow because real life is not all wrapped up in a little bow.  Trust me.

A few months ago we went to the artsy-fartsy theater downtown because it was the only place in the city showing Like Crazy.  I’m still haunted by that movie.  If I was doing movie reviews when we went to see Like Crazy, I would have gone on and on about how much I liked that movie.  And just a quick note, when the movie ended it was abrupt like just went to black and I look over and Sunshine announces, I’m crying, although in like a sobbing kind of way with shoulders shaking.  It was sad and funny at the same time, and she sat there for like five minutes crying while Moonshine and I tried to figure out how to get her out of there and to our car without getting mugged.

Our latest Midnight Movie Madness, which isn’t really a thing but I think makes it sound fancy, was last weekend with Sunshine when we went to see Jeff Who Lives at Home with Jason Segel.  He’s Marshall in How I Met Your Mother, one of my favorite TV shows.

Although side bar: We HAVE to meet the mother this year or I might just give up. Really, it’s been a long journey, Ted, stop talking already and show us the mother. 

So Jeff Who Lives at Home is about a guy kind of stumbling through life not really knowing his purpose or his destiny.  Add three kids, 10 years, change his gender, and he’s basically me.  The main difference is he gets high all the time and lives in his mother’s basement and my mother doesn’t even have a basement…..oh, and I don’t get high all the time, or at all

Then our sermon this weekend was about where are you lost in your life to which I thought, Where am I not lost in my life?  I sometimes drop the kids off at school and as I’m driving home I think, Is this it?  Is this really it?  This is my life, right?  Every.Single.Day.  And I know I need perspective and I’m certainly not complaining (much), but sometimes it’s just completely overwhelming.  I mean, the laundry has to be done EVERY week?  Can we just stop wearing clothes?

I just feel like I should be changing the world or curing cancer or something but I’m not.  I haven’t found my gift yet.  I just decided I need a life coach, maybe a mentor, someone who’s come out on the other side to tell me every little thing gonna be all right.   Is Bob Marley still alive?


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  1. gfaith

    Just replace “brownies” with “chips” and I’m right there with you.

    Also — you basically reminded me that I used to love SPAM. Fried up, with mustard. Yum. I don’t eat pigs any more, and the last time I saw SPAM and it came sliding out of the can with its layer of fat-jelly…I don’t know, it lost its nostalgic magic for me.

    I love movies. Love, love. If you are talking about going to the Esquire, I’m going to HAVE to come home to Colorado and take you again. Mugged?? I lived two blocks from there for years, and I had a great time — walk my dog any time of day or night and there was somebody hanging out that could be witness to a crime, should it have ever happened, which it didn’t. Now I’m giving YOU a hard time. 🙂

    I have a scary-movie friend (and brother), comedy movie friends, and independent movie friends. Then, I have my Roberta, who is just happy to get to go see any movie at all in the theater because she has a young child and a demanding job and it’s a rare event to get a few hours to herself — on this, I’m sure you can relate.

    much love to you, friend. xoxo gfaith

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