Hobo on a Train at Easter

It’s quite possible I’m out of things to say.  I think you know everything you could possibly know about me.  All I can think about right now are Easters of years gone by compared with what I did this Easter.

Gma, Cari, Me and Sherri - Easter 1972

When I was a kid, I remember going to the “country cousins” on Easter and playing in the barn.  I remember playing on the railroad tracks at the top of the hill from their house.  I think that’s where I first got my thought of how I could escape my life by going “hobo on a train”.  I don’t remember going to church, but I do remember always getting together with family on Easter.  This year my mom told me what she was doing Sunday, and I said, What’s Sunday?  How embarrassing.  I didn’t have plans.  I don’t have family here.  We went to church on Saturday night so I slept in.  I did school work.  I played tennis with Sunshine.  I made some life decisions while almost dying on the tennis court.

Sunshine and Cousin Cory - Easter 1996

I decided no longer was my scale going to say, One at a time please.  She beat me 6-0.  SIX TO ZERO!!!  That’s ridiculous!!  And I could only play one set!!  I felt like I wasn’t even a challenge for her so I said, No more.  I moved the dresser out of our game room/workout room and cleared a path for my arse to start working out again.  My goal by the end of summer is to beat her at tennis.  Now, I know she’s all fancy with her second seeded singles position and she is a good player, but I taught her everything she knows (kind of), and now she comes back and uses it against me?  No thank you, Sunshine, that was not fun for me.  And look at me and my competitive self.  I decided I might be just a little.

Nothing says He is Risen like almost dying on a tennis court.  What’d you do for Easter?


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