A Photo-Heavy Photo Blog

I’m all over it with these blogs.  I should find a treadmill that powers a computer so I would be the thinnest person on the planet.

So another week has gone by and I have no idea where the time went.  Oh, Sunshine broke up with Wilson after he stood her up over spring break.  He said he saw it coming but didn’t offer much of an explanation on why he doesn’t ever call or seem to want to spend time with her.  I think  his family’s really strict, so then say something, but whatever.  First crappy boyfriend out of the way, CHECK.

I started my new job and am going back in today for more training.  I seriously hope I’m as good as I’m pretending to be so maybe they’ll decide they need me full-time with benefits.  I’ve also managed to keep my mouth shut and not say anything stupid.  *knock wood*

What?  Oh, it’s a photo blog?  Okay, here’s the retro picture of the week.

Christmas 2008

In the great prom dress debate, the beaded dress won with the red shoes.  I know there was conflicting opinion, but you’ll have to see it in next week and she will have won you over.  Gma voted on the more conservative dress, but it was a tie across the board and Sunshine had already decided on the more sexy beaded one.  Who knows how she’ll top this one next year, but hopefully Wilson will be eating his heart out when she walks in the prom with her friend/date Mariska.

I think this photo blog was going to be about the Denver Art Museum, which should be called the MoMA-D or the Museum of Modern Art – Denver because I was thinking it would have some “old” art like The MET.  Not so much.  What’s going on here?

And this was an entire section of red with grey fox?  I don’t even know.  And who’s this guy?  But it was a beautiful day.  And I don’t know what kind of tree this is, but it sure was blooming.  And here’s Sunshine working in the kids fashion show.  What I did learn at the Denver Art Museum is that Yves Saint Laurent was a man, I had no idea.  The exhibit was fascinating but really contradicted the FREE museum trip I thought I was getting when we had to pay extra for that.

And just for fun, a term I use loosely, HERE’s my blog from when Sunshine and I went to The MET in March of 2010 with all the “old” art.

I found this adorable picture from Moonshine’s birthday.  It’s Tenderheart and the cutest twins ever.  D said, I love that Moonshine’s 14!  Is it weird that he calls her Moonshine?  And do they ever love Tenderheart!  God forbid I ever show up anywhere without her!

Here is Tenderheart on our new couch with my iPad playing some ridiculous game she downloads and then I can’t find any of my apps.  It’s rude really.

Here is Molly with the Unabomber, I mean Moonshine.  You might not think Molly’s a lap dog, but you’d be wrong.  Lastly, here’s Moonshine and Buford.  That cat is so annoying, but really cute. 

And yes, I know I could have saved some of these pictures and had photo blogs for weeks, but planning’s not my style.


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