Say Good-bye to Sweat Pants

Guess what I did yesterday?

First, working on just four hours of sleep, I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to see this (only darker):

Second, I took a shower even though I’d JUST taken one the day before! Since my untimely dismissal from my job last September, it’s only a special occasion that gets a shower two days in a row. And this was a special occasion because it was my first day of training for my new job. I know, it’s exciting. However, I don’t know how you people do it every single day, getting out there in traffic, having to get dressed every day. I told them if I was going to have to come into work more than one day, they were going to start seeing the same pair of pants.

Let’s just say I’ve worked from home for a VERY long time. And I only have to go into this job one day a week, which perfectly aligns with the number of nice pants I have so it’s perfect. But because I’m covering for someone while she’s on vacation, I have to actually go into the office all five days in a couple of weeks. ALL.FIVE.DAYS. And of course I’m saying all this most of this in jest and I’m thankful to have a job yadda, yadda, but real pants? Come on!

I am looking forward to casual Friday though!


1 Comment

  1. Whitney

    Congrats on the new job! Where are you working? Enjoy the training period!!

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