In Which I Manage to add a Poll for a Prom Dress!

This is completely for me.  The blog today will have no substantative value whatsoever, as though it ever did.

Okay, here are the prom dresses.  I will not tell you anyone’s favorites and they both go to the floor to be worn with these shoes:

In the first corner we have a beaded number – Dress 1.

And in this corner we have a handmade dress that’s a satiny material – Dress 2.
So there you go. And here I’m going to add a handy-dandy poll to see what you think.  You can also vote on Facebook for those that can’t figure it out.  I’m looking at you, Sherri.



  1. Shaemus

    Dress #1!! But I would not wear red shoes (as nice as they are) with a dark dress. Like my fashion advice means anything…but I am a dude and I think I know what looks attractive.

  2. Jenny

    I think the 2nd dress looks more like Ms. Sunshine!! 🙂

  3. Kim

    Sparkles!!! Of course I have to vote for dress #1

  4. heidi

    The “mom” in me says #2…it covers more and if she gets wild out on the dance floor, it will stay on better. But both are pretty, as is she 🙂

  5. Misty :)

    I think they both look amazing and whichever one she picks she csn eear the other one next year 🙂

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