It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Prom Season

Usually my Monday blogs have been about dating, but I have nothing on the dating front although I did pull a SWEET April Fool’s prank on the girls where I told them I met a guy on Facebook and we’d been chatting for a while and he wanted to meet in person.  There was a lot of “huh?” and “what?”   I told them I didn’t know him and he was a friend of a friend (Moonshine reference) and that he seemed like a really nice guy.  I did this after midnight on Saturday so it was officially April 1st, but no one was completely aware of the fact until this happened:

Me:  He wants to meet me later today on APRIL FOOL’s!

Sunshine and Moonshine: *eye rolls and groans*

Tenderheart:  Oh, mommy, don’t go, it’s probably a joke.

Ha!  She finally got it, but that was the probably the funniest part.  Not that I was pranking them, but that she thought some guy was pranking me.  Anyway, I also don’t know what was more funny from Sunshine, how mad she was that I was meeting a perfect stranger off Facebook, or when she realized it wasn’t true because she was mad about all of it.  Our house is so fun, I can’t even tell you.

It’s almost prom time and you’re going to hear about it three or four more times.  Sunshine has been looking for a prom dress online.

Here is my prom dress.  Apparently she didn’t want to resurrect this one.

I don’t know what it is about people these days that think they can do everything online because her friend Mariska thought she could order her dress online and it ended up being a scam.  After all the billing information was put in, they said shipping was over 30 days.  Then she did some more research and read reviews and realized it wasn’t a reputable website and you could get a refund but only for 35% of your original purchase price.  Darn you, fine print.

I put the kibosh on the website shopping and plus the dresses she was looking at were all long dresses and she has never worn one so she needed to get a feel for it and actually try some on.  And she’s really weird about how some fabric feels and she’s just weird.  I told her we needed to go to an actual place to try things on and then she could decide.  No one wants to have the exact same dress so I think that’s where the website shopping comes in, but we’ve done pretty well with her homecoming dresses the past two years that we’ve bought at the flea market.  I didn’t realize the flea market had shops with brand new clothes, but they do.

Here is her dress from this year’s homecoming, where she wore her black and red Converse:

And last year’s homecoming where she wore a pair of my shoes and ended dancing barefoot much of the night.:

Anyway, I told her I’d take her to David’s Bridal, but one across town so there might be a different selection than other girls at her school, and we could look at a couple of obscure places.

On the way out the door, my neighbor across the street, of the new-to-us bench they discarded and the out-grown clothes she gives my girls, was pulling in and I waved.  She asked about two bags I’m embroidering for her wedding, even though my sewing machine is still broken, and I asked her where she got her wedding dress because we were going prom dress shopping.  She said she’d gotten it off Craig’s list, but she had a bunch of prom dresses that we could look at if we wanted.  Shut the front door.  How weird is that?   She just happened to pull up at the same time we were leaving and she has prom dresses we can look at?  That’s crazy.

So I asked Sunshine if she wanted to go shopping at I’ll call her Misty’s and if she didn’t like any of them then we could still go shopping.  She had beautiful dresses and I don’t think she graduated 10 years ago so they were still in style, but more importantly, no one else is going to have the exact same dresses.  One of them she had handmade and another one was a beautiful beaded dress.  Sunshine fell in love, with the dresses and Misty.  She’s seriously the nicest neighbor we’ve ever had.  She had a third dress that was really pretty but maybe a more casual Homecoming dress.  I told her we’d come back for that in September.

I’m going to try to put up pictures tomorrow with a poll because she can’t decide which one to wear.  I have my favorite and she has hers, which I’m sure is the one she’s going to wear, but I told her I’d poll my 1.5 readers to see what they thought.  You can vote on my Facebook too.

And to tide you over, here are the shoes we bought for a splash of color.  The dresses are black, but she loved these red shoes and they go with both dresses.   I’m sure they’ll only stay on for a portion of the night and then she’ll be dancing in bare feet, but they were a good deal and the dresses were free!  You could say red is her signature color.


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  1. Whitney

    Love the shoes.. can’t wait to see the dresses! How awesome to have a great neighbor!! It’s also awesome that your daughter is ok with not having a brand new dress!!! Good for her! Kuddos!!!

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