Good Times on April Fool’s Day

I had to search for the blog that fit me best today and I finally did.   Written on March 16, 2010, I was two weeks away from going to New York on Shelby’s Year of Fourteen trip.  I just read back through those because I went to the Denver Art Museum on Saturday and was thoroughly disappointed.  It was more of a modern art museum and I was looking for something like the MET with all the “old” art.  In fact, I kept saying, Where’s the old art?  The art at the DAM was like from the ’80s and really, they’ll call anything art.  But more on that later…

Good Times, Good Times

March 16, 20103 Comments

When I die and my girls are allowed to read my blog, I wanted to have some good times on here for them to remember and talk about instead of just the times when my head exploded.  And also for you, my three trusty readers, to know that there are some good times.  Quite a few actually.

Road Trip Lip Synch.  Always a good time.  And road trips in general.  Remember all the fun we had going to Oklahoma and singing as loud as we can.  And then me yelling, “Why am I the only one singing?”  Or when we stopped at a convenience store and I told you that you could pick one thing to buy and Shelby started crying because she couldn’t figure out what to pick.  Good times, good times.

How about when we were listening to the iPod at dinner and Sheryl Crow was singing “Favorite Mistake”.  Lindsey told us to go around the table and say what our favorite mistake was and Shelby said, “Lindsey is my favorite mistake”.  (I prefer the term “surprise”, but whatever)  We laughed until we cried.  Remember the look on Lindsey’s face.  Priceless!

Dancing in the kitchen to the Black Eyed Peas, grandma Betty’s famous chocolate cake, decorating Christmas cookies, coloring Easter eggs with Heather and her family, family game night when someone doesn’t cry, yelling at each other playing Super Mario Brother’s on the Wii, walking to McD’s for a 150 calorie ice cream, etc.  Or maybe you can just remember how much I love you and you’ll realize what a hard, yet incredibly fulfilling job being a mother is.  Good times, good times.


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