Divorces for Sale: Get ’em While They’re Hot

I am obsessed with this new book I’m reading.  It’s Stephen King, which I haven’t read since I was in my teens, but since I’m stealing sharing” my sister’s Nook on my iPad, beggars can’t be choosers.  Okay, she has amazing books on there and I’m reading 11/22/1963.  I’m haunted by it.  It’s a what-if book and I love a good what-if.  What if I would have divorced the monkey in March of 1996 instead of going back and having two more kids?  I would have finished college and what?  majored in education?  become a school teacher?  Everyone says I’m good with kids, but secretly, I don’t really like them that much.

What if I would have left the monkey the first time I suspected he was cheating in approximately 1994?  I wouldn’t have any of these kids.  And even though I seem to complain about them A LOT, my life would be empty without them.  They are my entire world.  Next week I’m doing a blog about all the great things about them since I’ve gotten a little complain-y.  It will either be really good or the shortest blog I’ve ever written.

Oh crap, this is supposed to be my photo blog.  I guess I’ll have to talk about 11/22/1963 by Stephen King another time.  I’m seriously haunted by it though.

Here is my retro picture of the week.  This is me and my sister at a park in Midwest City, Oklahoma.  My dad had divorced my mom and was living in a little apartment.  He took us to the park almost every weekend he got us.  There was this really tall thing that kids hung from and an adult spun it and I was always really excited because my dad was tall enough to spin it.  I can still see that park in my head, but I’m sure they’ve taken that equipment out because everything has to be so safe now.

Here is Sunshine playing dress up at the museum this week.  She volunteered there three days of her Spring Break either to get away from me and the fun I had planned or to get her volunteer hours needed for school.  I’m going with the former.

Here are Sunshine and Tenderheart playing me and Moonshine in tennis.  Sunshine and I took lessons a couple of years ago because she wanted to play in high school and I wanted her to be prepared.  The way they set up the high school team is different.  On Varsity there’s only three singles and four doubles groups that are able to play every week and everyone else is JV.  When she was a freshman she ended up being in the third doubles group on varsity.  Sophomore year she and her partner were the first doubles, and this year she’s the second singles player, which is really good considering she missed the first three weeks due to the play.  I love to play tennis and I love that she can hit it back and forth with me, but she’s gotten to where she can beat me now and it’s annoying.  I made her take Tenderheart as her handicap and she still almost won. 

Here are Moonshine and Tenderheart at The Hunger Games.  I don’t know why Moonshine wouldn’t open her eyes.

Here is a good one of Moonshine.  I found a way to keep her stupid bangs out of her face, I just braided those suckers right up.  Take that, weird bangs.

We took Molly to the dog park on Monday instead of Garden of the Gods because of Sunshine’s cheese puff pyrotechnics where we encountered this person.  They probably never shut up about their precious rescue dog. 

Here is Buford on top of my armoire looking down at me. He may be planning an attack, you can’t be too sure.

Here is the picture I’ve been trying to get for weeks and ended up stopping in the middle of the street so Tenderheart could take it.  That sign has been up forever so I’m not sure if they have any more divorces for sale.  I’m not looking to buy.

We are going to the museum today, so next Friday’s photo blog is just writing itself.  Since it’s Spring Break, the art museum is free for 18 and under and they’re having some sort of YSL fashion exhibit.   I’ve never been there, but Sunshine’s volunteering with her friend Mariska and the rest of the theater kids.  I told her she needs to start dating doing more activities outside of the theater class.  It seems to be lowering her odds of finding a nice guy to date.  And the Glee-type group she made for next year doesn’t have much better odds.  I keep telling her to go for the smart geek, but again, no one listens to me!!


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  1. I once saw a sign at the corner of I-25 and Hampden – Large Wife sale. I was offended.

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