Parenting: Idiots Apply Here

WordPress is funky today.  I don’t know what’s going on with it, and Sunshine ruined my blog for today by being sick on Monday.  It’s spring break here and we were all up late Sunday night cleaning the DVR when Sunshine couldn’t put down the Rolos and cheese puffs.  Then, when we got up to go to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs on Monday morning, which I was going to blog about for today, guess what made a reappearance?  Yeah, the Rolos and cheese puffs.  I don’t think we can even say cheese puffs without her vomiting again, but sometimes I just ask her if she wants one.

These kids think I’m an idiot.  I told her probably five times to stop eating so late, but what the heck do I know?  Nothing, apparently.  Then Monday night I took her downtown because she’s volunteering at the art museum this week and it was going to be her first time driving downtown so I wanted her to be familiar with where she was going.  I told her what time she needed to leave, I showed her where to park, and what kind of traffic to expect.  Well, guess who was late on Tuesday because she didn’t listen to what time she should leave?  Is this what Dr. Kevin Leman talks about when he says you have to let them fail?

And lastly, when I told her if she was going to get to her babysitting job on time she needed to leave the museum earlier because of downtown traffic, I’m not even going to let you guess who didn’t listen.  And again, she was late because she couldn’t believe the traffic.  Wait, the traffic I explained to you last night and talked about all morning?  Yeah, that traffic.  I told her she could never get across town in the amount of time she was giving herself, and guess what, she couldn’t.  So yeah, she told me I was right, but that didn’t help when she was late all day to everything.

And look at me, I thought I didn’t have anything to talk about today.  I just get so irritated.  And you know what else I get irritated by?  Cell phones.  I don’t think it’s completely unreasonable for me to expect you to not complain about me on a device I’m paying for!!  Hey, how about you pay for your own cell phone and then you can say whatever you want about me, but until then, how about some respect?  And when I ask you what you’re doing, how about you don’t roll your eyes at me when I ask you twice?

Me:  Guess how many times I can ask you what you’re doing without you getting mad?  As many times as I want to.

Bitches be crazy!



  1. I feel better for you after reading this post :). Yes, letting them fail and feel natural consequences would take a ton of pressure off, but it is hard not to insert your thoughts as a parent. Good luck.

    • Thanks for stopping by! It is incredibly hard. The last few weeks in particular, I’ve been biting the inside of my lip so much I can’t eat salty food without it burning. It just seems to get harder the older they get.

  2. heidi

    Just wait until she is 18 and really knows everything!! I have one, who we “affectionately” call “Little Charlie” and he is JUST like my monkey, which is not a good thing, btw. He has been 18 since January, and already knew everything, but now that he has had that magic birthday, he is just insufferable. No matter how many times we remind him that his college is PAID FOR, he just tells us he is sick of school, and is thinking of joining the military. However, as stubborn as he is, that will probably not be a good fit for him. Oh well, it is going to be his life someday (if i can manage not to kill him, that is.)

    I guess Sunshine disproves my theory that raising girls is easier. DANG

    • Yeah, I don’t think any of it is easier!! I really dread the magic 18 when not only they think they know everything, they think they can support themselves. I waffle between, let me help you and good riddance!! Ha!

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