Dear Daughters’ Future Ex-Boyfriends

I’ve been thinking about this as my group of friends has had kids that have started dating.  I’m going to make a list of things I would like my daughters’ future boyfriends to know.

Some of these things may or may not have already happened, most of them have not.

I will not:

Be your Facebook friend.

Post or comment on pics of you making out with my daughter.

Be on your side in a fight or talk to you about my daughter at all.

Get too involved.

Tell you I have a blog.

I will:

Blog about you.

Post pictures with your face covered.

Give you a code name.  Wilson, anyone?

Talk ish about you when my daughter breaks up with you because you never call when you say you’re going to.

Now here are some other things you should know about my daughters, future ex-boyfriends:

These are good girls, even Moonshine, so don’t spread rumors about them, they aren’t the forgiving sort.  And if you’re dating Sunshine in particular, know that she can hold a grudge FOREVER!!  And she has trust issues.  So if you say you’re going to call, you’d probably better call.  And if you say you’re going to call and you don’t call, it’s been nice knowing you.  But thanks for giving me inspiration for another blog post.



  1. Whitney

    Good list!! You really make me think about the future of my girls! Hope you have a great day and a great week! BTW. I read your blog so I guess I fall into the ,5. You really have a knack for writing! ENJOY!! Take Care!

    • Thanks, Whitney. I have to say it just gets more and more fun every day.


  1. 2nd RULE: You do not talk about Christy’s Blog. | Dealing with Life

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