Knock, Knock Friday Photo Blog

What did you do this week?  Again, I’m asking questions no one’s going to answer. 

In honor of Moonshine’s week o’ birth, she gets the retro picture of the week.  Here is her first Christmas with my dad.  Just know that Sunshine had a matching outfit, including hat.  I was one of those moms.  Matchy-matchy.

I did not go to anything this week to review although I don’t think anything will be as popular as my The Lucky One review.  My most read blog post EVER.

This week has been quite a whirlwind of no work, Moonshine’s birthday, volleyball practices, and The Hunger Games.  Sunshine went to the midnight premier.  She’s the only geek there that hasn’t even read the book.  I’m taking Moonshine and Tenderheart today at noon.

Here’s Sunshine with Buford and her favorite possession in the world besides her phone:

Moonshine turned 14 this week.  Good heavens, how time flies even when you’re not having fun:

In honor of Moonshine getting a new bed, we felt like a spoon train was in order. 

Tenderheart presented Greek food at her school.  I’m just going to recap my week like you haven’t read the other four blogs I did this week.  Greek food dipped in honey and rolled in sesame seeds=YUM and got her an A.  At the G&T school, an A means Advanced, not just a regular A but a fancy A.

We got a new sofa.  Yay!  I never get anything new.  My dad used to call me the Goodwill, but he had really nice stuff.  This time I got a chair and sofa from my Uncle Bob who didn’t die, but did have to go to a nursing home.  It was practically new and it’s the nicest furniture I’ve ever gotten.  Here’s the sofa:

Buford was laying innocently on the chair when Molly jumped up and pinned her.  I feel like it was done with love, and no one died, but look at the look poor Buford has on his face.

Buford does not look pleased.

I also got to see my best friend Anna twice this week.  Once for Moonshine’s b-day party and once at TGIF’s for dinner, which was more like a therapy session.  I needed a night out and someone to vent to that’s not my blog.
She said she’s the 1 of my 1.5 readers, so if you’re reading it, then you’re the 0.5.  She starts her day with my blog, which gives me a ton of pressure to be funny.  Knock, knock….I got nothing.

So that was it.  Next week I’ll be completely original and review The Hunger Games movie.  I find it’s really a fine line between Mother of the Year and Worst Mother in the World.  For instance, a few years ago I took my girls to Toby Keith in the middle of the week and then let them skip school the following day because they were too tired.  MotY or WMitW? 

Today, the day before spring break starts where I’m sure they’re not doing anything, I’m taking Moonshine and Tenderheart out of school two hours early to go see The Hunger Games.  MotY or WMitW?  It’s a fine line.  I like to think of it as making memories.

And look at me, saving my talking for the end of my photo blog, along with this picture of my mom and Carlos.  They are the best!  My ex-in-laws can’t make it across town to see their grandkids, but my parents will drive 12 hours for a weekend to see Sunshine in Harvey.   Oh, and bring me a new couch and chair!!

Best Grandparents EVER


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