Happy Birthday, Moonshine!

Today is Moonshine’s 14th birthday. Here she is on her 1st birthday:

Here she is with Granny at her Oklahoma celebration for both of their birthdays.

And here she is with me and my fabulously permed hair.

Oh MY!!

You can click HERE to see what I said about her in 2009 when she was a mere 11 (and also called Kasey).

In honor of her birthday, and due to the fact that I’ve griped about her for the last 3 years, I’m going to tell you, my 1.5 readers, 14 amazing things about Moonshine.

1. It will get your drunk. Oh, I crack myself up.

1. She has a very tender heart, not to be confused with Tenderheart, my third daughter.

2. She actually draws amazingly. An amazing drawer? She’s very artistic? There’s a better way to say it, but I can’t do it.

3. She is the hardest worker in the house, with the least amount of complaining. That’s HUGE in this house.

4. She is a really good friend.

5. She keeps a secret like no one’s business. Not always a good trait when you’re a liar, but this is in the best way possible.

6. She absolutely loves animals.

7. She likes working out with me.

8. She has amazing hair. So thick and beautiful.

9. She has the darkest brown eyes I’ve seen. When she was a baby you couldn’t see where the pupil ended and the iris started.

10. She’s a good soul.

11. She can still be silly.

12. She loves me (today).

13. She is going to be an amazing adult if I can just get her through her teen years unscathed.

14. She is me when I was a child. And that can be on the good or bad list, but today, it’s all good.

If she still had a Facebook you could go on and wish her a happy birthday, but for now, this will have to do.

Happy Birthday, Moonshine!


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