A Sunshine-Heavy Photo Blog

My sister threatened me The Social Network style this week that if my tiny blog here ever started making money, she wanted all of it for using her in so many of them. Of course she movie referenced on text, which is quite a bit harder to pick up so I thought she was just threatening me. And I’m not creating Facebook here so hopefully she’s not holding her breath.

The very same week that I decided to try to get my own life clear of Sunshine, she asked me to be her hair person for the play, which entailed me going to her school every day this week at 3:00 in order to transform her hair into a ’40s style ‘do. And I did. Good mom or co-dependent mess? It’s a fine line.

I also got a job this week, kind of. It’s the same company I’ve been contracting for and it’s part-time, but it will be as an actual employee and there are a lot of opportunities that come with it since it’s ultimately where I want to be when I finish school. When I called a family meeting to see if the girls had anything to talk about and to tell them I got a job, Sunshine said, Oh, did you get a job at Moonshine’s school? And I said, No, I got one at yours. Bam! No one thought it was funny, but I’m excited about this new opportunity and pray that it turns into full-time with benefits in the very near future. And the funny part was that they sent me an e-mail asking me if I was interested and then offered me the job. Who says you can’t get a job sitting on your ass in your living room?

Day after this job offer, I called my new boss to ask her if she’d pick up Tenderheart from school. Huh? Yeah, she has the same name as my best friend who picks up my daughter and while driving, I just picked the name of the person I call all the time, and BAM, it was my new boss. Yikes. Hopefully I still have the job.

So again, talking my way through a PHOTO blog, but I got lots to say.

Here’s my retro photo of the week. My sister is probably going to kill me for it, but I love this pic. My hair was fabulous. It was Christmas 1994 and I didn’t know yet that I was pregnant with Sunshine. Also, the monkey is in the bottom left of the photo but was cut out when this was put in my dad’s memorial slide show. I wish it was as easy to crop him out of my life.

This week found us at Payless to get shoes for the play and I promise I’m almost through talking about Sunshine’s play.

She's a hot mess.

Here is the BEFORE of doing her hair into a ’40s style ‘do. You’d think I’d be smart enough to take an AFTER, but you’d be wrong.
And last one of Sunshine, I promise, but we dusted off the Guitar Hero this week and played a bit. I love that game and always feel like I could probably play with the church band after a few rounds. It doesn’t look THAT hard. After Sunshine and I played, then Moonshine got in on it and they played for a long time without fighting and only two shouts of, You suck. I chalk it up to a success!
I took Moonshine, Tenderheart, and Maddy to see The Lorax on Monday when everyone was out of school and it was really cute. Moonshine likes to take the lenses out of her 3D glasses after the movie so she and Justin Bieber can have the same glasses.

Justin Bieber Called

Moonshine also babysat the cutest twins EVER.

So Cute!

And we took Molly to play with her cousin Providence. PLAY is kind of a strong word for what they did, it was really just a bunch of running around and Molly trying to herd everyone. But I do know that Molly came home completely worn out and slept really good that night. I should take her over to run with Providence more often!

Then I had to go to JCPenney to get Sunshine pants, but they never have her size. This JCP only had like size 0 and size 15 with nothing in between. This is Tenderheart waiting very patiently while watching some sort of NCIS-CSI-LA-H50 type show in the dressing room. I’m not saying they need to have cartoons on, but whatever we were watching had the most disgusting crime scene I’ve ever seen.

Close your eyes, Tenderheart!!

And because their selection was so bad, we had to strip the last skirt in Sunshine’s size off the mannequin. It was completely adorable though. I’d post another picture of her in it, but she’s had too many in one post. I mean, really.

I didn’t get a good one of Buford this week. You’ll just have to trust that he’s still adorable.

Okay, here it is. Oh, and while we’re at it, here’s her ’40s style ‘do. Two birds, one picture, right here.

So that was my week, what’d you do?


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