Let’s Keep it On the Rails Please

When talking about my Why Would You Say That? moments last week, I almost forgot my best one.  I had a crush on the leader of the Divorce Care class at church.  I’m sure it’s common, you have all those emotions flying around and everyone is vulnerable.  I would really suggest that class if you’re going through a divorce because it was helpful not to mention the leader might be cute.  Anyway, a few months after the class I saw him at church and asked how he’d been, and this happened:

Me:  How are you, cute guy?  (Maybe I didn’t say it exactly like that)

Him:  I’m great, I just got married.

Me:  I’m so sorry.  (HUH!?)

Him:  No, it’s good, it’s really great.

Me:  Okay, well, good luck with that.

Gawd, just shut up!!  I just want you to know, dear 1.5 reader, that I do hear myself and sometimes just can’t stop it from spewing out.  It’s really no wonder my 13-year-old daughter has self-control problems.  She needs more parenting than she’s been getting.  She’s been pushing the boundaries just to see how far I’ll let her go.  I won’t go into details because I’m sure everyone is familiar at this point with Moonshine, but there’s lying, lying, lying; boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend; texting, texting, texting; more lying, lying, lying and throw in some more questionable behaviors and you’re all caught up.

I haven’t found her currency yet.  Everyone has a currency.  Sunshine’s is her cell phone.  She has a series of things that need to be done for her to maintain usage of her cell phone.   She also seems to get her homework done faster when I threaten to block Tumblr.  Oh, Tumblr, you are my nemesis.  I’m going out on a limb with this completely non- unique idea, There’s way too much social media out there.  Teens are inundated with it and for someone like Moonshine, who has no self-control (and now no Facebook page), it’s hard for her to keep it together.  I used to think Moonshine’s currency was also her cell phone, but she seems to be just fine without it.  

I honestly don’t know what I would have been like as a teen with a cell phone and Facebook page.  Would I let my step-sister/second cousin do a complete makeover on me so I could take suggestive pictures?  Probably.  I’m also going to take the stance that a camera+teen with bad judgement=BAD NEWS.  It’s too much to expect some teens to be that responsible.  And I say some teens because there are some that can control themselves.  Unfortunately, Moonshine is not one of them.  I always find it interesting when I hear my kids say one of their friends doesn’t have a cell phone or someone doesn’t have a Facebook page because it seems to be the norm to have it all, but I’m for it now.  Moonshine’s going to have to tell people that for a really long time.

I made her tell her dad what she did to get her cell phone taken away again, but she has a really hard time taking him seriously when he tries to talk to her about lying.  I never had one of those wait until your father comes home options because he has no parenting skills.  She gets absolutely no supervision over at his house and that’s hard to counteract especially since it’s become increasingly clear that she needs much more supervision.  She also has some real issues with the fact that he can never remember her birthday, and not in the fun Sixteen Candles way.  Moonshine’s birthday is apparently four days after his gal’s day o’ birth and not his biggest priority.  Some people really suck. 

Sunshine had a friend Mary Jane, which you can read about HERE, and I talked a few months ago how she’s gone completely off the rails.  I just saw her smoking outside the high school last week, and another girl was taken out of school because her parents found out she was smoking the marijuana with Mary Jane.  Off.The.Rails.  And guess what, Mary Jane has no one at home supervising her to make sure she’s doing what she should be doing.  Moonshine does have someone at home and I’m going to be her worst nightmare from now until she moves out because I’m not going to have some other mom who thinks she can blog talking about how my daughter has gone off the rails…and also, because I love Moonshine and want her to have a future and make better decisions.  Please make better decisions, Moonshine.


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