You’d Never Tell Mario He Needs a Life

I have written more blog posts this year than all of 2011.  I’m either really on it, or I lost my job and have nothing else to do.  Before you jump on me, I know I have other stuff to do.  And no one seemed to read The Lorax review yesterday.  Maybe reviewing just isn’t my thing.  *sad face*

My sister says I need to get my own life and let Sunshine live hers.  She didn’t say it exactly like that and I’m sure she gets tired of me starting my blogs with, “My sister says”, but I don’t have much going on right now.  What happened was I told my sister that I couldn’t get caught up on Smash because Sunshine was too busy, which is what brought about the, You need a life diatribe. 

I'd Rather Be Playing Mario

And I know I do, but one of the things Sunshine and I do is watch our stories together.  I sounded like someone’s grandma right there, right?  And of course I can watch our shows by myself, but then I have no one to talk to about them.  And yes, Sunshine’s busy and I am not, and I get it, but I don’t mind waiting until we can watch them together. 

But the whole conversation got me thinking, I really do need to get a life of my own.  In just one short year and a half, Sunshine’s going to be gone and I’m going to have to watch my own shows and find a Revenge support group (the show, not the act of).  She’s not going to be at college DVR’ing all the stuff we watch together now.  She’s not going to tell her roommate she needs to stay in to watch The Vampire Diaries, well, she probably will stay in for that one, but Smash isn’t going to keep her from some frat party. 

Moonshine and I started working out together.  I’m ready to get back in dating form (can you hear the Rocky music playing?).  I think after talking to rhymes with Schmawn Schmooke last week, it made me really miss companionship that I don’t get while hanging out watching my stories with my kids.  I know I’ve painted quite the life with this blog, don’t be jealous, at least don’t be Old Testament jealous.


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