Where’s the Nearest Bridge? and Madison County?

Someone was looking for my blog last week.  As in, Hey, where’s your blog?  I will not confirm or deny if it was someone who regularly beats me at Words with Friends that I had a mad crush on in high school but was too good for me.  I can neither confirm nor deny.  Stop asking, there’s no record of readers.

Sometimes I long for small town living.  I envy (but not Old Testament envy) high school sweethearts that date all through high school and college and end up getting married and having 2.5 kids, a dog, and a white picket fence.  It’s my version of normal.  I was one of the only kids on the block with divorced parents.  How times have changed.  Now, I find myself asking Sunshine, Oh are so-and-so’s parents still married?  And I’m always surprised when they are.  Like that’s the anomaly now.  And it’s sad.  I long for a simpler life.

When driving to Oklahoma as I’m wont to do, I see all these farm houses in Kansas and wonder what kind of lives they have.  There’s really not much else to do when you’re driving through Kansas.  Would I be happy living on a farm or would I become the wife from Bridges of Madison County (GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!)?  I could probably milk cows and raise kids all day, who knows?  But would I always wish I had a bigger life? 

The point is I won’t ever know.  Based on my bad decision to marry a monkey, I won’t ever know if I would have had a better life marrying my high school sweetheart, well, I would have had to have had a high school sweetheart first.  And that’s life, that’s the gamble if you will.  But I guess that’s why Facebook was invented, to see if that high school crush has gotten his “first marriage” out of the way so you can make plans to go to a reunion.  Isn’t that what The Social Network was about? 

But until then, IT’S YOUR MOVE!  (*WWF reference*)


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