Tell Booker T. I Sent You

I should tag every single post I do as The Lucky One or because seriously, that’s the only way I can get any readers.  My review of The Lucky One blew up and I feel like any day now I’m going to get that call from Television Without Pity that they need a snarky new recapper.  *fingers crossed*

Again, with the wordy photo blog.  Here is my retro picture of the week. Good God, just look at that!  I’m as big as a house.  This was May 2000, and I was three weeks away from the most painful birth ever recorded in history.  And in all fairness, I was arching my back to stick out my belly even more for effect, but….yeah, there’s no getting around it, I was huge, y’all.

Back to 2012.  I took a group from Sunshine’s theater group to the University of Northern Colorado to see Ragtime and it was amazing.  I mean, really amazing.  When my sister came to see Sunshine in Fiddler on the Roof, she said, It was good for a high school production.  She’s going to dispute how she said it, but she can’t seem to manage the comment section so I’ll just have to hear about it offline. 

Ragtime was a college production, but it could have been on Broadway.  The singers were amazing, the story was sad, and it was one of the best musicals I’ve seen.  Since that’s the only thing I’ve seen this week that I can review, and my scale is Your Baby’s Ugly, I’m going to say, Your Baby’s Beautiful!  If you find yourself in Greeley, Colorado, and why wouldn’t you, definitely go see Ragtime if it’s still playing.  You’ll have to research it yourself though, I’m not a full-service blog.   Here is Sunshine resting her eyes getting ready for the second act.

I promise this was intermission!

Also, in a series of fortunate events, I was able to buy lunch for the actor that played Booker T. Washington and invited him to Sunshine’s play next weekend.  He was quite possibly the nicest guy ever.  He’d just gotten out of the Army in September and was a criminal justice major but tried out for the musical and got a part.  He was amazing.

Anyway, so this week found me at lunch with rhymes with Schmawn Schmooke.

It found Sunshine at Chipotle in her Jelly+Fish sweatshirt, which you can’t see because she’s Grace Facing.  I wonder what we did before YouTube.  My life is a series of YouTube references and characters.


This week also found Moonshine at Chipotle when her soul mate walked in with headphones around his neck.  She was so disappointed because she felt like a jam session was going to break out and she wasn’t prepared!!  How could she ever leave the house without her headphones? 

The guy in the red had headphones on. Moonshine's Soul Mate?

Tenderheart was upset at something I said.  I find Tenderheart upset a lot at what I say because she seems to be the most sensitive of the bunch.  Let’s just say, she would not make it in the wild.

Then she was happy because she’s reading The Hunger Games, which she can’t get through without telling me every single part she just read.  I have no idea what she does when I’m not next to her while she’s reading.  This night was also Moonshine’s first volleyball practice not coached by a monkey but by an actual volleyball coach that I think is really good.

Here’s Buford on the flannel sheets I bought on Christmas clearance.  For some reason I wake up in the morning with weird creatures in my bed, which sounds a lot more exciting than it really is.  Mostly it’s Tenderheart, whose room is right across the hall and she gets cold in the night and comes in.  This particular morning I woke up with Tenderheart and Buford in my bed.  I know she’s not a “creature”, but weird people in my bed sounded just awful.

Buford says, Help me.

And you might not think you can get a 13-year-old girl in a dog kennel with a dog, but Moonshine would prove you wrong.

Molly says, Help Me.

That was my week, what did you do?


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