My Blast from the Past

I had a ton of readers yesterday and was really excited because I thought people wanted to read about my blast from the past when I realized all the hits were for my review of The Lucky One.  Waaa wah.  Oh well, I’m sure I have at least 1.5 readers that are interested in what happened during my lunch with my one nice boyfriend from high school, rhymes with Schmawn Schmooke.

I’d link to the recap, but it was just yesterday so you should have a pretty good memory.  First, he tried to cancel and when I told my girls that, this is what happened:

Me:  My lunch date tried to cancel today.

Tenderheart:  Oh, so he finally remembered who you are?

Me:  Ouch, but no.

And he did say there were some sparks of memory especially when I posted my graduation picture.  I couldn’t tell if he was disappointed I don’t still look like that, but I am so he had to be, right? 

Second, perception is everything.  I always claim to have a really good memory, but it’s all my perception of what happened.  For instance, he wasn’t the nice geek I had imagined he was all these years.  Also, he wanted you (my 5s of readers) to know  that his van windows were not blacked out and he didn’t have the Van’s a Rockin’ bumper sticker, but did have a bed in the back, so I still have a valid reason for asking why my mother would ever let me go out with a guy who drives a van. 

He called me to see if we could meet earlier because he didn’t get in his hotel room, and then this happened:

Him:  Where do you live?

Me:  About 20 minutes away.  Do you want to come over?

Him:  No, I do not want to come over.

Me:   Ouch.

There was a lot of what he had done with his life, what I had done with my life over a Village Inn breakfast.  We talked about his kids, my kids, and the fact that I worry too much until I told him a couple of stories and he told me I had valid reasons to worry.  He talked about being on, how many people he’s dating, and why I wasn’t dating.  I realized on the way home that I have been missing male companionship for a while now.  Not that there was a love connection or anything, but just a guy to hang out with and go to lunch and talk to.  At my old job there was a guy that I would go to lunch with once a month, and I’ve lost that now that I’m not there anymore.  It was completely platonic, but just nice for someone who doesn’t have any guy friends to get another perspective and flirt.  God, I miss flirting.

I also think I have trouble communicating with someone who reads my blog because I feel like they probably know everything about me and I find myself boring to listen to.  I probably came across as closed off because he did a lot of the talking, but it’s just because all my good stories are here.  The whole thing actually made me kind of sad because it was like a door closing on what could have been instead of the fantasy of what might have happened if I would have gone right instead of left.  But it’s also a little freeing because I’ve been living in a world where I messed up, when I see now why it never would have worked.

You  know what I got out of it besides a free meal?  A reason to hate the monkey because my child support is so small.  I left our lunch completely coveting that guy’s child support payment.  It’s more than we live on a month.  So, thanks for that.  All in all, the ham and cheese omelet was delightful.


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