Just a Hop, Skip, and a Lunch…

Guess what I’m doing today? I’m going to lunch with the ONE nice guy I dated from high school. Oh my giddy aunt! You’ll have to read about our sordid history starting with my first blog written about him in December 2008, HERE. Then HERE when in June 2010, I took a leap of faith and made first contact. The title of the post was What Was Your Name Again? so you know it can’t be good.

I just realized I suggested a restaurant that’s a hop, skip, and a jump (or two beers) from his hotel, which seems a little forward of me. But don’t worry, I’m a good girl I yam, and I don’t know how familiar he is with the area so I wanted it to be close for him. Considerate is what I am. He’s in town on business, and not just the business of lunching with me although that’s good business right there, my friend. You can note that any time YOU’RE stopping through Denver and want a little lunch. NJC (no job christy) has nothing but time on her hands.

In case you’re too lazy (or time constrained) to read the blogs I’ve referenced from the last three and a half years I’ve been blogging, I’ll recap a bit. Mostly, this is for the guy since he has no recollection of having dated me. Spoiler alert, that’s how it ends up. I dated rhymes with Schmawn Schmooke when I was a junior in high school. I met him at a party in which we were playing quarters with Southern Comfort and I threw up out the back passenger door in the drive-thru of Burger King. Just screams CLASSY, doesn’t it? I’m so glad my kids don’t read this blog.

We had a mutual acquaintance and for some unknown reason he asked her to get my phone number. Maybe it was because I was cute or he liked tall bangs, although I actually have no idea why he’d want my number after describing the sloppy mess I was when we met. We started dating and he was truly the nicest guy I actually ever went out with. We went to see Def Leppard, he took me to my first haunted house, we went to parties, he gave me his class ring. He had a van with blacked out windows that actually had the bumper sticker, If the Van’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’. What was my mother thinking letting me go out with that guy? We broke up because I wasn’t a nice person, and he really was. He had a future, I was living like I didn’t.

Short cut 23 years later when I find him on Facebook and he has absolutely no recollection of even knowing me. Kick me where it hurts why dontcha. So check back later this week and see how it went, OR it went horribly bad and we’ll never speak of it again, but my Facebook friends will inexplicably go down to 107. I figure odds are 50/50 either way.

Check out those bangs!!

In the time it took for me to write this and it to post, this guy almost cancelled on me. The nerve!! Actually, his business trip was briefly cancelled so we’ll all assume it was out of his hands. But, it’s all good and back on, and he sounds exactly like he did in high school with his sultry tones. I’m a little giddy myself. I also hope he doesn’t think I still look like that.


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